Sunday, March 6, 2016

The "Want Some Tea?" Blogger Award

Hey peeps! Allie nominated me for a new award she created called the "Want Some Tea" Blogger Award. Awesome name right? Ya it is. So let's get started!

1. Give credit to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you
3. Nominate at least 5 people to do this award
4. Contact the people you nominated, with the information about the award

Since I decided to nominate so many people I'm just going to ignore this rule but you can totally do it. 

1. Do you like hot tea?
Well of course! I quite like tea and hot's the only kind I drink. So if you put those together I definitely like hot tea. 

2. What is your favorite tea party snack?
I have never acually been to an authentic tea party but I think cookies would be perfect. I really want to say chocolate chip but sugar would probably fit better with the theme. 


3. What are your theme colors for your tea party?Probably white because it is amzing and goes with everything. Then pink and purple.  Personally I think they look amazing together.  

Also the cup I am using was painting by yours truly when I was in like 1st grade. 

3. How do you like to decorate for a tea party?
Some cute candles, a center piece, maybe some eloquent napkins, and some adorable tea cups. I would want everyone to feel like a princess or like a british lady when they were all proper and stuff. 

4. What blogger friends would you invite to your tea party?
None o these people I would necessarily call "friends (Though I would love to be friends with you guys) But I would still love to have them at my tea party. 

SuzyRachelNoorMeganAva, and last but not least



5. What would you wear to your tea party?
Probably a really cute in style dress that has a belt but then flowy at the bottom. 

I nominate 

SuzyRachelNoorMeganAvaPaigeDani, (I tagged you for something!), RukiyaDee DaaJenniLauren

Do you love tea? Do you love tea parties? Do you love this award? 


I had a performance at school on 3/3/16 and it was so fun! I was goldilocks and though my wig looked horrible I think I did pretty good. 


  1. I've tried plain tea before and I didn't really like it! I found the flavor strange and bitter I guess you can say.
    Well, different people different tastes :)

    1. Also the mug that you painted is adorable! Anything that anybody paints when their young is bound to be cute.

    2. Different tea's taste different and some can be really bitter. Usually I get the sweet kind and then put a lot of honey in it. Also, thanks! I think we think that because someone young made it and it bound not to be so good but then the thought of someone younger making it is somehow "cute".

  2. That sounds like an awesome award. I do drink tea but mostly herbal Instead of Caffeinated tea.


    1. It is a pretty awesome award :) I am only allowed to drink herbal tea.