Friday, March 4, 2016

The Thoughts of a Photographer

I had so much fun doing The thoughts of a Blogger I have decided to do the thoughts of a photographer as well :)


*walking to school*
*looks at sunrise*

That would looks so pretty if I could just get to this angle and take a shot right here.

Maybe tomorrow I could ask.

*Gets to school*

*looks at a school prairie*

It so pretty!


*goes to class*

Maybe if I could just ask the school if I could do a photoshoot here.

It would be so fun!

But they probably wouldn't let me though.


*school end*

"Hey mom can I get my own camera?"

*crosses fingers*

Please let her say yes, please let her say yes.



*finishes homework*

"Hey naomi want to do a photoshoot?"

"The park is so pretty today"

*she looks at me like I'm crazy*


*gives up*

"Hey mom can I use your phone to take pictures of the sunset?"

"Ya thats fine."

*Takes phone*

*goes to park*

Now I need to get behind the sun but in front of those people playing basketball but also be able to get the sunset.

How do I do that?

*Fines position* 

*Takes like 10 million pictures*

*Goes home*

"I'm home!"

"It's time to go to bed honey"

"But, I need to upload these pictures fisrt."

 "You have to go to bed!"

*Goes to bed*


Did you like it? Can you relate? Want me to do more?


  1. I can relate to you wanted to do a photoshoot with your sister! I always used to persuade my little brother to be in my photo shoots or take photos and stuff like that.