Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The thoughts of a blogger

No ugh! No one will like this it's too messed up! *deletes post* 

*makes new post* Maybe they will like this. Hopefully.

But what if they don't? What if they hate it?

*looks through post* *see's ten million spelling mistakes*

Why do I have to be so horrible at typing and spelling!

*tries to fix them*


I guess it's ok.

*publishes post*


*goes to school*

Teacher says "blah blah blah"

Maybe I can do a post on my hair or nails. I hope my readers like that post I did. 


*goes home*


"yes what?"

"Can I use my computer and do a blog post I have an awesome idea?"

"No, you have to do school work first"



*gives up*

I guess I have to do school work now. Why?? Whyy!!!!

*Does work*

"Now can I use my computer?"

"No, now you have to read"

"But I finished a whole book today!"


*reads like 100 pages*




*check email*

Looks like I have no comments on that post.

*Checks all blogs following to see if any new posts*

*See's that I have been tagged for a tag*\

This sounds fun!

*Does tag*

*Writes up ten million more post*

*Looks at time and see's it already 8*

Wow it got late.

"Hey Nabila it's time to go to bed"

"Yes Mom"

*Goes to bed dreaming about a kingdom ruled by me*


Ok done now. That was really fun to make!

If your a blogger can you relate to this? Want me to do more stuff like this like the thoughts of a photographer or fashionista?


  1. This is such a fabulous post Nabila, I do so many of these things.


    p.s- isn't that funny, I do "Let's Talk" too :P

    1. LOL. Thanks! I think an average blogger has done at least one of these things before.

  2. Like your post Bila!

    1. Thanks! It makes me smile when I see you on my blog :)

    2. Who is Mary B...? Huh...? Huh...? You don't have to tell me, I was just being nosy. But PLEASE tell me.

    3. Over the time I have known you as a reader and blogger I have noticed you are quite noisy. Mary B is my aunt.

  3. SOME of these I do... *in totally guilty voice* and NO, I do NOT think of my blog during writing and reading class because I already know about all the stuff.

    1. Me either but sometime math can be extremely painful and boring.

  4. Oh, you should make this a tag...It's such a good idea ;)

    ~ Rukiya

  5. Haha, apart from asking my mom if I can use my laptop (she's accepted that I'll use it anyway) these are my thoughts almost exactly. I don't think much about what my readers would think once I start drafting a new post, but when I type it into Blogger and add some pictures the stress becomes real! And then there's that moment when you receive no comments on a post you've worked so hard on... Or you've been working hard but don't get any new followers. Haha, maybe I just worry too much about blogging :P

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. That is so hard! I think everyone cares to much (or to little).