Monday, March 14, 2016

Some tips to actually get through a road trip without wanting to rip out your hair

I am just amazing at super long titles! And yes it was necessary!

So for me starting today it is spring break!

It means I get a whole week of of school and I'm pretty happy. So on Friday my parents got me and my sisters out of school and we drove to Marfa, Texas with is like 11 hours away. Truly to tell you the truth is was a little annoying to be driving for so long and a little boring. But, I found things to do and now I am going to tell you them so that on your next trip you won't be bored out of your mind!


Pack lot's and lots of junk food- Now even though this isn't good for you. It actually really bad for you but when you are in a car and want something to do nothing will cheer you up more then eating a delicious bag of Cheetos. Also the other choice is to pack fruit or something and though that is all good junk on a long trip is just a little better.

Watch a movie- This is something perfect to pass time! You can do it on a phone or some cars even have screens built in.

Get an audio book- My family does this most of the time. We just get it from the library and pop the CD in the car and listen to a book. This time we are listening to the last harry potter book.

Give yourself a break- Sitting in a car for what seems like for ever can be really annoying! After a while you need to stretch your legs and get a change of scenery. Maybe go to one of those picnic areas and run around or stop for a bite to eat.

Go to sleep- I get it some people can't sleep in a car. I definitely can't. But there are some people blessed with the ability to be able to sleep pretty much anywhere.  And if that is true for you I highly encourage you to. It makes the time pass super fast and the next thing you know your almost there.

Use your electronic device- It can be a phone or a kindle or even an ipad or ipod. But play on it and you will be fine. Recently my family got this charger so that we can charge stuff in the car but if you don't have that remember to plug your device in before hand.

What are your tips? Have you had a long road trip recently? What did you do? Where did you go?


  1. First one to comment! I'm blessed with that ability!!

  2. Those are good tips for road trips. :)

    Allie D.

  3. These are really great tips! Me and my family go on road trips a LOT because my three older sisters all go to colleges, and the closest one is 8 hours away.
    Junk food is totally a necessity. It helps more than you think. XP
    Watching movies and sleeping are also good ones. I also really love to take a big long book with me and read. Sometimes I'll listen to soundtracks (music without words) while I read to drown out any distracting noise if necessary.
    Good post, Nabila! :)
    ~ Suzy

    1. So you have to drive to see them I'm guessing. Junk food is definitely a necessary! Reading is also awesome! Music can really help you focus and drown out noise to.

      Thanks Suzy!

  4. my car DOES have a built in screen, but there are only two headphones, three children, and i'm the oldest. AKA the headphones are gone. We do have a portable DVD player but that isn't the best piece of equipment ever. Cool tips too. Roadtrips are long and hard and boring.

    1. Well thats annoying! You should say since your the oldest you get it because you have the most experience and have to do the hardest stuff to do and all. Thanks Mia! Road trips are definitely long an boring.

  5. Love that Homer Simpson gif ;D

    1. Thanks Elsa! The moment I saw it I smiled and knew I had to use it :)