Monday, March 7, 2016

Prepping for a Performance

I did a performance at school recently and it was really fun! I was goldilocks in Goldilocks and the three bears. I only had like 11 lines and half of them were in spanish because it was a magnet performance but I think I did pretty well (we will not talk about the not so well parts.....).  Most people are going to perform something in there life. It could be with music or a play  or something. And it's scary. So to help you here are some tips to help you prep for a performance.

1. It is ok and you are going to do fine. You can just tell yourself that over and over until you fell. It will be fine and if you do your best thats really all that matters.

Image result for you can do it meme

Always think of the baby.

2. Get a good night's sleep and eat a good meal. Don't stay up practicing the night before but go to bed at a reasonable time.

Like never be like that crazy guy. Also try to have a good breakfast. No one wants to do anything on an empty stomach and it might be tasty.

3. Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! If it's a play say your lines in your head just repeat it and repeat it. If you're playing the piano be at that piano playing the tune or listen to it in your head. You should know what ever your doing by the back of your hand.

4. Forget about it and have some fun! Being stressed about won't help you at all. Get together with friends treat yourself to some ice-cream.

Have you had a performance recently?  Do you agree with these tips? What do you do? 


  1. I always get nervous when I have to perform, but it always turns out to be fun! Great tips, I (and I'm sure all of your readers,) will be using these!