Monday, March 21, 2016

Must haves for hiking + some tips

Because it's spring break I have been hiking quite a bit and it's really fun! But to hike you have to know how and what to bring. I am no expert but here are my must-haves for hiking.

Hiking boots, tennis shoes. You need good footwear not to get pricked and so you can grip on to objects and the road not to fall on tough terrain.

A water bottle. You should always cary around water! Always! If you don't then you can get dehydrated with is a bad thing in itself but then you can get wussy and maybe lost or hurt.

A bag. Pretty much just to cary everything so you have your hands free.

First aid kit. If you are out in the wilderness and someone gets hurt, what are you going to do? Use your first aid kit. Even if it is just some band-aids it can be a lifesaver.

Hiking poles. These can just be long sticks or you can actually buy on but it can help you from slipping and is good for hiking.

A hat. You don't want to get sunburned and this will keep that from happening.

And here are some tips.

Don't think of the end but the journey. Right when you get started if you are thinking of the end this is going to be a horrible hike for you. Instead get that thought out of your mind and look at the beauty around you.

Always look at the place ahead of you. You should always watch your feet so that you don't end up falling in a humongous hole or slipping on hard rocks or thorns.

Think of it as dancing. Plus using the tips ahead almost think of your feet as if they are dancing. And if you do each step perfectly then you will get to the end without incident. Make your feet light and able to do anything.

Have you been hiking? Where was it? What are your must-haves? Agree with my tips? What are some of your own?

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