Thursday, March 24, 2016

#MiniReviews ~ The Neptune Project /The Neptune Challenge

Hello people! How was your spring break? Awesome? Not so awesome? So, today I have 2 mini reviews for you guys. The first and second book of the Neptune Project series. 

The Neptune Project

The reason I got this book in the first place was because I had seen it around quite a bit and it was a texas bluebonnet book. Usually I quite like those books so I got it from the library and pretty much loved it. I have a list to show you. 

The good:

  • The character building! I am telling it is seriously amazing. 
  • Sci-fi. This is one of my favorite genres.
  • It is set in a futurist world where there is famine everywhere. And I don't know about you but I find that much more interesting than if it was set in our time period or the past. 
  • Twist. Thought I knew something was going to happen, the twist that actually did happened was not the one I expected with I am putting as good for creativity. 
The Bad:
  • Love triangle. There is a love triangle going on with the main character and 2 other people in the book and though I think it was explained well it went too fast in my opinion.
  • Description of the world. Ya I love futuristic worlds as I said above but they didn't give enough detail of the world. I know the little that the characters thought but pretty much nothing else. 
  • Dai. He is one of the main characters in this book and he is just so annoying! 


The Neptune Challenge

A little bit after I read the one above I saw this one at the library and since I had just about loved the first book, I had to get the second one. 

The good: 

  • The writing style of the characters thoughts. This might be one of my favorite books who have that kind of style where you can hear the characters thoughts but then also what's happening weaves in like magic or something.  
  • The description of the marine animals and plants. This is set in the ocean and I love how the book describes the ocean and plant and animals there. I can almost see them.
  • The cover. This is true in both books of just how cool the covers are. The title with the dolphin and then just the graphics look really good to me. 
The bad:

  • Umm Nere some really super rough things just happened to you! But you're not like ever  thinking about it! Like what? 
  • Since Nere is the boss's daughter some people don't like her and truly I think the book could have upped that and made it more of a conflict. 
  • Wasp is all bad? Wasp is one of the bad guys who hates Nere but it was like she was just completely all bad. With no good. At all! She is a person though so she has to at least have some feelings. But no. No feelings that doesn't say I hate Neres guts or Dai is cute. 

 Have you read this book? Did you like it? I have been working with book photography some. Do you think I'm any good? Should I do my reviews more in lists?


  1. I haven't read this book, it looks cool though!

    ~ Rukiya

  2. I will try and read this book once I struggle through the shadowhunters chronicles. You are a great photographer and book photography is a very beautiful style.