Saturday, March 12, 2016

Look into the fire

Look into the fire.

Just a little closer.

What do you see?

Possibly a blue flame almost like the crystal sky. 

Or an Native American hunting a buffalo.

Now look even closer. 

Not to burn yourself but just look. 

Look at the flame.  

What do you see now?

A writer writing there new best seller? 

Or a Caterpillar crawling along a milkweed leaf?

Now look at the wood in the fire.

Is it burning?

Incinerating into nothing?


Like my little writing thingamogiger? A couple weeks ago me and my family set up are little bowl and got some wood and made a fire! 

So, what did you see in the fire? Have you had a fire recently? Did you have smores? Were they amazing?  


  1. Omg I loved your writing!!! I haven't snores properly before. Oops but I have had marshmallows in hot chocolate and loved them sooo much! I love your blog and your last post really related to me as I always check to see if I've got a new comment or follower throughout the day. It's become a habit. *sigh*

    1. You haven't had s'mores?????? We need to get you some. *hands over s'mores*

      Ya I want to always check my blog :)

  2. The fire is beautiful... same with your writing!
    I love smores. It's so fun toasting the marshmallows, do you toast yours on sticks?
    One last thing, do you like singing songs at campfires?

    1. Thanks! Smores are awesome! I usually do just toast them on sticks I find laying around and I do like singing at camp fires :)

  3. It's funny-- whenever I look into photos of fire, I don't see anything, but when you are actually looking into a fire, then it's easier to see shapes, and it's awesome. S'mores are some of my favorites. <3

    xoxo Morning

    1. Probably because the pictures aren't moving. And S'mores are pretty awesome :)

  4. Your blog is adorable darling! I love the pictures and smores are definitely one of my favorite things about a campfire!
    Your writing is also very wonderful :)
    I hope you will take a moment to check out my blog if you have a chance!

    1. Thanks you so much (I have this weird thing with loving being called darling)! Your blog is awesome :)

  5. Nice poem. I don't know, I don't really see anything. but the way it goes up kind of makes it resemble a ghost floating up into the sky. Awesome post! :)