Friday, March 4, 2016

Just a Fan #1: Taylor Swift

I am starting a new series called Just a Fan. In each post I'll focus on one thing I really like, like an artist or book or movie or something like that. For this first one I am doing my all time favorite musician at the moment *drum roll* Taylor Swift!

not my pic

A little bit about her: She is an american singer/songwriter. She actually used to be more of a country artist but has now turn to pop. She is 26 ( I think) and is one of the most popular pop singers in the U.S.

My Newest Favorite Song by her: At the moment I would have to say Blank Space. Though it is based of a crazy girl I just love the lyrics. My favorite one would have to be "I love the players and you love the game". No one really thinks of love like  game but if you think about it in it's not so perfect way it is and she points it out.

Top five favorite songs of all time: 
In no particular order.

1. I knew you were trouble
2. Black Space
3. Shake it off
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. We are never ever getting back together

Favorite album:
I'd have to say 1989 but then Red is also awesome.

Some of her fashion sense:

The cat shirt is amazing. No denying it.

Some awesome quotes:

She said it:

From songs:

Other amazing stuff:

No she's also a songwriter.

I told you she was awesome right!

Do you like Taylor Swift? What is your favorite song by her? Are you excited about my series?


  1. Taylor Swift is soooo NICE. I hear of her doing amazing things all the time, like giving away huge amounts of money to people who need it and just GENERALLY BEING AWESOME. She is definitely amazing. :') I like her music better now that it's pop though?! I'm not much of a country fan. I do so love Shake it Off. XD So catchy, hehe.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. That's awesome of her! I really like Taylor Swift! I also agree I like more as a pop. I have never liked country.

  2. I actually love Taylor Swift!

    1. What actually????? Why did you have to put that in there??? Are you not sure you like her???

      LOL. I also actually love Taylor Swift!