Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interview with kailee the band-obsessed llama

Hi people! I haven't had an interview in a while after I had like 8 interviews in a row with was pretty crazy. But now I have another one for you guys!

Her answers

What is your name?

kailee (it's pronounced KAY-lee, thank you very much.)

Ok Kailee.

What are your favorite activities?

listening to music (hence the "band-obsessed" part in my name), blogging, and updating (i posted a selfie of myself from a video haha lol.)

Sounds fun!

What is your favorite color?

black, though i also like light pink/purple. 

Pretty much the same with me except I like hot pink as well.

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

i have an eating disorder. oops. 

That's so sad! I hope you get better :)

Favorite book?

i don't have a favorite book, but any book from the warriors series by erin hunter is good. 

I have for some reason never been able to get into that series. 

How old are you?

14. i turned 14 last week haha. 

Happy late birthday! *sings the happy birthday song*

What is your dream job?

 maybe becoming a flute player in a famous band or something. idk.

Well if I see you in the news or something I'll make sure to say I know you.

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

it's just when i say that i like bands like sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil, people just run away. so i based my blog name on a personal thing.

That's cool.

Favorite movie?

lilo and stitch. though the lego movie is good, too, but it's sorta dumb in my opinion.

Who dares say the lego movie is dumb!? Just kidding :) Those are both good movies. 

What is your inspiration?

probably my friend izzy, she got me interested in blogging.

Cool! Same for me.

What is your blog name?

you should probably run away from my music taste now.

Interesting name. *Runs away but then realizes I'm still interviewing you and comes back* 

What is your blog url?

Make sure to visit it!

So why do you call yourself a band obsessed llama?

i call myself a band-obsessed llama because i love llamas (though the alpacalypse will be here soon, so be prepared.) and i am OBSESSED with bands. 

Very simple, ok. 


If you want to be interviewed just email me here.

So are you going to go visit her blog or what? Do you want to be interview by me? Do you like my interview post? How do you think I could make them better?


  1. You must be related to me! I'm 10% llama! We can be llama buddies!

  2. I found this interview quite interesting!
    I checked out Kailee's blog and it was cool. Thanks for the interview Nabila and Kailee!

    1. Awesome elsa! I always like my posts are interesting :) It's awesome you checked it out. I like it. Totally Elsa!