Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How do you sound over the internet?

A couple months ago I was at my friends house after school eating a cookie (it was a very good cookie). And then the grownups came in the room and started talking.

 I was listening to them when my freinds mom said "I read your blog Nabila, it's really good!"

Of course I was delighted by this and a little confused since I had never told her about it but then I realized my mom probably had and said "Thanks!".

I thought are conversation was done so I went back to my cookie but then she said "I really like your voice".

Me knowing absolutely no idea what she was saying asked "What does that mean?".

And she answered "Like what personality you take when you type and what I hear when I read your posts".

Then she just went back to talking and I went back to my cookie but I have been thinking about this for a while now.

How do I sound over the internet? What do you think my personality is?

Making a personality

A lot of times people will make there own person on the internet. Maybe what they actually are in real life or how they wish they good act.  The next time you are doing any on the internet I want you to think about that.

-Are you being Susie sunshine and coming across as nice just to make readers like you?
-Being mean and snarky just to make people laugh?
-A know-it-all just to make yourself sound smart?
-It should be pretty unique though. Cait over at Paper Fury has an amzing writing style and i think even if she made another blog I would still know it was her.

Expressing your personality

A lot of times people have an amzing bubbling award winning personality. But does any of there readers know? No! But in my opinion you should show it. Maybe....

-Use gifs.
-Give out cake (I'm serious!).
-Write your post who you think you would normally talk about the topic not just like a robot (unless you are a robot with in that case tell your readers and they will understand and think you are amzing).

Now what is my personalty?

I have trouble with this to. What should I make my readers think I am. What do I think my readers think I am. To find out you can...

-Just plain ask (You must have awesome followers for this one but I'm sure you do).
-Act as if your blog is not your own and think how you would come across while redaing a post.
-Get some friends and family to read your blog.

P.S This was not the way I thought this post would go but I think I like it.

What do you think my personality is? What do you think yours is? Did you like this post? Do you like cake?


  1. Hmm.... I think you're that really nice girl with a very awesome blog design. ^-^ I'm not sure about mine yet, what do you think mine is? idk just curious. ;)

    AND OF COURSE I LOVE CAKE! Well, it's cake and who doesn't love cake? (well other than my friend Lanie but oh well.)

    1. Thanks! I think you're kind of a shy girl not really sure of herself but with awesome qualities :0 What is wrong with this Lanie girl???? LOL. Just kidding.

  2. You are a very cool girl from a hot town :D
    So, I think that I'm really ME on my blog. So, what AM I like?

    1. Thanks Dani! I think you're you in your blog to. I take you as a quirky fun kind of girl book loving kind of girl.

    2. Yup! You're exactly right!

  3. I think you're just really chill. You don't get too over excited (like this crazy maniac over here heh). And that's really nice. :)
    ~ Suzy

    1. I am going to take that a nice complement. Thanks! Although when I asked my mom if I was chill she outright said no. LOL.