Thursday, March 3, 2016


The worst thing you can ever do with yourself is keep your feeling in. Whether it is sad

or happy

or mad

you need to let it out. Sometime people are scared to let the world see there feeling, those are those people you see as really closed in and people-distant. Sometimes if people have a really hard time in there life like a parent divorce or a family member died they became so sad and consumed in grief that they won't let anyone else in. This is bad for them and anyone else around them.

If this happens to you I want you to let your feeling out. I'm not saying tell everyone your most personal secrets.

Actually I recommend not doing that. Especially when there is an alien invasion but you need to talk to someone. It can be a really close friend or a parent that you feel comfortable to talk to with. Or else you're probably explode.

Ya exactly like that but you know inside and as a human.

If you see a friend or family member start to become really distant and when you try to talk to them they don't really talk  then something has probably happened. Unless they are just super shy in general with means they need a different type of help (not saying being shy is bad).

Without looking creepy you can ask them stuff, try to talk to them, make them feel comfortable with you, ask them what happened, or just say that there awesome. Sometimes just a little something will help.

Don't be stalker creepy like the guy above though.

Do you agree with me? Do you know someone like this? Do you like apple pie? Did you like this post?


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    1. I love the gifs and pics! So cute and funny!

  2. Ok, I love apple pie. The one my Grandma makes whenever I visit her. With sultanas. :)

    1. Apple pie made by grandmothers is always AMAZING! It is a fact.