Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 reason you should go to Marfa, Texas

Wow I am loving this place so far. I am here for spring break and I'm really happy! Here are 5 reason why I think you would be happy there to!

There is so much art!

Just about half the town (of 2,000 people) are artists. You can go see art galleries everywhere. There is one artist that is the most famous who made these cube boxes out in the desert even. 

Beyonce went there.

Yes she did and loved it (I think)

All of the parks:

There are a lot of parks and desserts where you can just walk around and hike!

Prada Marfa:

No there is sadly no actual prada store :( But, there is a model of a store and you can get some really good pics there.

The food:

Maybe a food truck like food shark or an actual awesome restaurant but there is a lot of good food you can find here. It is so close to the border of mexico so you can get some pretty good Mexican food to.



  1. Omg srsly? I didnt know Beyonce went there!

  2. Did you pose with the Prada model?

    1. I did but my mom says I'm not supposed to put pictures of me on here anymore so I can't show you :(