Friday, March 25, 2016

10 fun things to do this easter weekend

Hey people! I get today of because of good friday with is awesome. And that means in 2 days it is going to be *drum roll* easter! Exited? I am. Even if you not religious you get the day off and it's still awesome. Just think about, laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing. So here are 10 cool thing to do this weekend!

1. Go to an easter egg hunt. It can be at an actual place or just at a friends. And then....
2. Stuff your face with candy! After a long day of finding eggs you deserve some of that candy and or whatever prize you find in the egg. 

3. Go to a church service. If you're not christian this doesn't apply to you but if you are I encourage you to go to church. Even if you don't regularly this is a good excuse to go. 

4. Just sit back and relax. Just act as if it is a regular weekend. 

5. Decorate some eggs. You can just get some hard boiled eggs and decorate them! There are a lot of kits you can buy and I might do a little tutorial. 

6. Get together with some friends. This is an awesome time to through a party and get together with some friends for easter.
7. Get crafty! Find some fun easter themed crafts and make them. Here are some fun ones. I would love to see some pics if you do :)

8. Cook! Personally I am not a cooker but a lot of people are. And what better excuse is there than easter to make a yummy bunny shape cookie?
9. Read the bible. Reread the easter story and really think about it. 

10. Take some photographs! Of easter eggs or cute kids holding there baskets or whatever. Easter is a perfect time with it being spring and all. 


  1. Great Ideas! I'm making blueberry muffins for easter, even though I'm not christian.

    - Edie

    1. Thanks! Even if your not christian when is there not a reason to make delicious muffins?

  2. Fine ... Yours shares from Turkey.

  3. Heeyyyy Nabila!!

    SO I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVEN'T STOPPED BY YOUR BLOG UNTIL JUST NOW?? Like why even. x) Anyway, hello. This is a fabulous list!! I'm finding it so hard to believe that Easter is already upon us! LIKE HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? ugh ugh time flies. waa. XD

    Also, I hadn't noticed that you commented on my button swap page and wanted to do a swap! I'd love to do that -- so I'll grab your button right now! :) thank you, Nabila!

    abbiee @ the music blog

    1. Heeyyyy Abbiee!

      Thanks! I know right! The first 2 months of the year just seemed to fly by so fast.

      Thanks Abbiee!