Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Week of Love: What is Valentine's Day

Ahhhh! Tomorrow is officially valentine's day! Ya I am pretty excited. Today in my Week of Love series I was supposed to do some posts about valentines from other people. But...... I can only find like 2 from the people I am following so instead I am going to do something else. "What is Valentine's Day". 


-Valentine's Day is a day where you're supposed to spend time with a loved one. 

-It is a day where stores get a bunch of money from people selling valentines stuff. (this is really for the whole month of february) 

-It is also a day where you can feel sad when you don't have anyone

-It is my mom's birthday (well it is) 

-It is a day to get creative with presents

-It is a day to be lazy

-It is a day to exchange presents/candy/cards 

What is it for you?