Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Week of Love: Valentine Fashion

For my Week of Love series today's post is going to be about Valentine Fashion! To learn more go here. I am pretty excited about this post. Some of these might not come across as necessarily "valintiny" but it fits the color theme.

I really like the skirt.

I am pretty much dying for this outfit! 

This is a collection of some dresses that is kind of blowing my mind because they somehow make pink and red in the same article of clothing not look hideous. 

Wow this is sparkly! 

The light pink color of the jacket is just light enough to contrast with the pants. 

Perfect to wear to a formal dance of party. 

With one do you like best? 

*note none of these pics are mine


  1. Second!!


    1. Ya it is definitely one of my favorites as well!