Saturday, February 20, 2016

Super Easy Homemade Stress Ball/some pictures

Sometimes people get stressed. Sometimes you want to hit something or squeezes something. It's a fact of life. A stress ball is a perfect way to take your anger out on something that is actually meant for it. Here is a really easy way to make one.

1. Get your supplies:

-toilet paper
-duct tape/the strong regular tape

2. Take around 3 feet of toilet paper and crumble it into a ball. Remember not to make it too hard though because you want to be able to squeeze so leave some breathing room.

3. Make sure the ball is about the size you want then get some duck tape (recommended) or whatever kind of tape you are using and cover your toilet paper in it. Then last but not least SQUEEZE! 

Like your new stress ball? 

I also have some pictures for you today that I took a little while ago. 

With one is your favorite? 


  1. Oh I need one of these!! I'm making it today XD, thanks Nabila!

    1. Ya it's awesome! I'd love to see what you made :)

  2. Cool stress balls, we used to make them out of a few layers of balloons with rice inside.