Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some tips to keep your Heart Healthy

Today at school we had a Heart Hero/Heart Association Assembly at school. They talked about some things to keep your heart healthy and how you can donate a raise money for them with you can then get prizes for. This is what inspired me to do this post.

Break down on the sodium and sugary drinks-  Stuff like salt and bread are really bad for your heart and your body in general. Sugary drinks are equally bad and have more sugar in one can then you need for 1 day.

Eat fruits and Vegetables-You have probably heard this before but I can not stress it enough. They make you feel good, they taste good (if you get the right ones and do them right), and they are cheaper than meat.

Exercise- If it is just riding your bike for 3 minutes a day, walking your dog a little longer, or just doing 2 pushups when you wake up; It still helps.

No cigarettes- There is the same stuff as there is in rat poison or paint thinner that there is in cigarettes. This sounds bad and it is bad.

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