Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lent and What to Do for it

If you don't know what lent is it is the 40 days before easter starting on ash wednesday with was last week. You are supposed to give something up in those days for god as a form of fasting. My family usually does this but it is hard to choose what to do so here are some tips and things to think about when choosing what to do. This year we are giving up complaining. Well more like my parents told us to stop complaining but we're not really doing so good at it.

  • What is something that you do that is bad for you in some way? Or a small pleasure you can sacrifice to god? 
  • At first I said that I was going to give up soda but the thing is I never ever drink soda but that wouldn't be sufficient so I wouldn't really be giving anything up. 
  • Maybe you can give up that favorite tv show or donuts but you have to remember that you shouldn't take on too much or else you will just become angry and not become closer to god. 
  • Sit down and acually think. What is your favorite Food? Drink? Dessert? Activity?
  • Maybe it is a bad habit you want to give up. Is there something you have been wanting to stop for a while. Like biting you nails? Well make it your lent goal. 
  • Stick with the freakin goal. Don't quit! Sometimes I remind myself I am doing this for god or how jesus ate nothing for 40 days and we only have to give up one little thing. 
  • Then on easter morning you'll smile and then you know, start doing the thing you really meant to give up.
Here are some idea's for people my age.

-that one tv show
-your favorite food
-candy (then on easter you can just engulf yourself)

Are you doing anything and if so what? 


  1. This is really cool Nabila! I like it! :)

  2. I like your tips Nabila, thank you! I haven't ever given up anything for Lent, although I would like to as I was christened. I think the problem is to know what, but your tips will help me the next time it rolls around! My sister has given up crisps the last two lents and she does do a good job, which could be a idea for some people.

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige

    1. I am happy to help. And if you mind be asking this is probably a really dumb question but what are crisps?

  3. Nabila it's very impressive.In this little age you are doing big things
    May God bless

  4. This year I gave up chocolate and candy, except for gum. So, I'm holding out.