Monday, February 29, 2016

I couldn't think of a name!

First today leap day so it is February 29 for the fisrt time in 4 years with is pretty cool.

Second Suzy is having an awesome giveaway over at her blog for blogging for one year. Congrats to her!

Third my actual post.

Last week was pretty crazy was pretty crazy for me. I had a super long math and reading test!

Ya, that was horrible but I did get a 100 on the reading so go me!

Saturday I felt really lazy.

But then I had to go to my mom's roller derby game. It was actually quite fun though she lost both games.

That was me inside the while time.

On sunday I woke up really late like at 8:30 instead of 7:00 (It late for me) because I had stayed up the night before.

Ya, that was me.

I ended up having breakfast at like 11:00 but then at 1:00 I had lunch. I had to do that because I had and OM meeting at 1:00 something.

It was quite fun though because we worked on props for our competition.

Then right after that I went to my freinds house. Like literally right after.

But we were glued to a TV screen just about the whole time and then got homemade ice-cream so that made up for it.

What have you been doing lately? Do you like this post? Should I do more posts like it? Did you know it was leap day before I told you? Are you going to enter Suzys giveaway? 

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