Sunday, February 21, 2016

Highlight Author comments on blogger/some really cute freebies

Lately I have been trying to pump my blog up a little with some coding though none have it has really worked this has, If you haven't noticed all of my comments on this blog now have an orange cover around it. You can do this to if you just follow these instructions. Note I originally got it from here.

1.First go to your template then press edit html.

2.Then inside the area code press ctrl-f.

Then in the search bar that should have came up put this tag:


This should take you to were that code is located. 

3. Then right above </body> put this code:

<script src=''/>
$(function() {
function highlight(){
.css('border', '1px solid #FFA500')
.css('background','#F1F1F2 url("")')
.css('color', '#444444')
.css('font-size', '12px')
.css('padding', '10px');
$(document).bind('ready scroll click', highlight);

4. Now you can save your template and possibly do a test comment to see if you like it! 

Also I have found some super cute blog buttons here that I have at the bottom of my blog. Here are some of them but by no means I am saying they are mine. 

Blog Freebies
Blog Freebies
Blog Freebies
Blog Freebies


Blog FreebiesBlog Freebies


Free Food Blogger ButtonFree Food Blogger Button Free Food Blogger Button


Blog Freebies Blog Freebies Blog Freebies

No Copywriting:

Blog Freebies Blog Freebies


Blog Freebies Blog Freebies Blog Freebies

Aren't those just adorable! You can find the full collection here.  


  1. Cute little post Nabila! And thank you for the coding, I might use that on my blog ;)