Sunday, February 7, 2016

February To Be Read

It mite be a little late for a February TBR but I am still doing it! I went to the library a couple days ago and got some books.

Some of the books are backwards and I apologize but I tried to take a picture of the books again with the same  result so then I kind of gave up. 

The Green Glass Sea-Dewey Kerrigan is on a train to mexico though she is not sure exactly where. The person to who put her on the train didn't tell her. Soon she arrives at a town that is not supposed to exist. It is a buzz with mathematicians and sciences running around -Dewey's father among them-working on something called "the gadget" Over the next few years she starts working alongside the scientist not knowing how much "the gadget" will affect her life.  

This is not really meant for my age but I own the first one so I thought why not.

Wednesdays in The Tower-Wednesday are usually calm in the castle so when Celie finds a new tower a egg in she is surprised. No one knows what to do but the castle does and it tells her the plan: care for the egg until it hatches. But she didn't bargain for a pet and definitely not one like that. 

The Neptune Project- Nere has never understood why she feels so comfortable in the water. But when she learns she is part of a group of kids genetically altered to survive in the ocean everything falls into place. But none asked Nere if she wanted to be a science experiment to build a better future under the sea. Her and the other kids must swim through the dangerous sea to reach the "Neptune Colony".  

I am most excited about this book! I love the series and this is the 4th one.

Beyond The Kingdom's-The Masked Man is loose on the world and only Conner and Alex can defeat him. But Alex has been kicked of the Fairy Council and noone believes there in danger. With their ragtag group they must defeat The Masked Man. 

Paper Things- When Ari's mother dies she promised her she would stay with Garth so when he wants to leave there bossy guardian she has to come with him. They become homeless staying with friends. The only thing that gives Ari comfort is her paper things cut out from magazines of happy people. 

Have you read any of these books? 


  1. I've only read Paper Things and it was meh. But let us know how you liked these books! And good luck on your TBR! <3


    1. Reallly? Paper things sounds cool. I'll try!