Friday, February 26, 2016

Duct Tape Bag

Yes, today I have another duct tape DIY this time a really cute bag!


-duct tape (you can have one but I recommend 2+)
-and old shirt
-needle and thread

1. First we are going to focus on the actual bag part. With a piece of paper  (I chose a pretty big one but you can also have a smaller bag) put duct tape on both sides taking into consideration that one side will be the inside of the bag and one will be the outside. 

2.Then you want to fold the piece of paper in half and duct tape the sides together until it looks like this:

It looks like a folder maybe or a handbag.
Then pat yourself on the back! You have the easy part done.

3. Now for making the straps (I used an old shirt but you can also use really thick yarn). For this I found a pink fluffy shirt in a closet that no one wanted. 

Fits perfectly with the color of my bag right?

Then since I decided to make kind of like a messenger bag that goes over my neck so I cut a long piece of fabric out of the shirt. Make sure to make what you are cutting out pretty thick though because later you are going to be folding it in half. 

Ya, my cutting isn't really that good but it doesn't matter!

4. Now for the sewing. Fun right? Ya, not really. With your fabric you are going to fold it in half and then sew the 2 ends together. This took me around 30 minutes with my mom's help but I am like the world's worst and slowest sewer. Then it should look something like this:

One perfect strap! Again not really but whateves.

5. Now for acually connecting your strap to your bag.  I sewed it together but you can also staple it. If you are sewing it though and some of the sticky tape stuff gets on your needle wash it off because this will just make it harder to sew.

6. Now pat yourself on the back, put your new cute bag on, and brag to all your friends. You look amazing!