Monday, February 29, 2016

Bye Bye February, and Hello March

Yep today is the last day of February, the month of love. That means....

  • I have a big test in like 20 days
  • The month of love is over!
  • I should be able to find out where I got in for middle school and where I am going

My Goals for February Check:

not done

-Possibly start reading the last Harry Potter book

Ya I totally forgot about this one

-Do at least 3 reviews

I did much less review this month than usual

-Make a DIY
-Do a recipe post
-Do this type of post for march

Ya I didn't do to good with my goals last month but hopefully I'll be able to do better this month!

Goals for March:

-Again do a recipe post
-Actually complete my goals from now on
-Do for reviews
-Do this post for April

What I have loved:


Jeans and pink

No actually not pink jeans but jeans and then the color pink. Get it correct people!


This is the 4th book in a series that I really like!


Pretty much taylor swift in general and then black space. I tried to find the video but alas it did not work.

What I did in February:

-Celebrated my mom's birthday

Blog Stats (all time)

12,135 Pageviews
Most Popular Post: here

What did you do in February? Anything special?

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