Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blog Feature: The Dani Jones Blog

Recently I did a post saying that I would be doing blog features with I am very excited about and this is my first one.

The Dani Jones Blog

Today I am going to be doing a blog feature Dani Jones who blogs over at The Dani Jones Blog. 

She is a 10 year old girl who has been blogging for around a year and has growing readers.

She posts about books:




Apparently I was looking at her funny cause she said “I have to do this… It's protocol.” Well if it's just protocol then alright… NOT! But I was a good girl while walking to the dungeon, and the woman wasn't wrong. My cell wasn't that bad. It had a tile floor, a toddler bed, and a toilet. The woman sat on the bed and I followed her example, “Who are you?” I'd asked. “My name is Nelenkye, but everybody calls me Kye or Kayla.” Kye said. I just looked at her like WOW. I quickly recovered “Alright then Kye, what's your job? I come from a palace, I know people don't just go down to the dungeon and talk to prisoners.”I said trying to sound sassy. “Oh well I actually bring prisoners food and water and escort them to their trial.”Kye said. “Well Kye, I've got a while, so why don't you tell me why this chief guy hates us Wisterians?” I asked. “Well his name is Mastikh, named after his uncle, and I'm actually not sure. But, when you live over here you learn how to not ask questions.” she said, then got up and walked out of my room cell. Then, well, I started writing this book. Oh! There's Kye! Probably to take me to my 'trial'.


That was an example of her writing. 

  and much more!

She loves to Blog (obviously), Read, and play with her friends.

You can go visit her blog here and give her a comment or 2.

If you want to be featured find out more go here.


  1. I love Dani's blogm she definitely deserves this feature! She's so sweet :D It's so kind of you to do these Nabila :)


    1. Thank you for saying you love my blog and that I'm sweet!! Same about you!!

    2. Totally! Her blog is awesome and yes she is very sweet! You are Dani.

  2. You said that I like to play with YOUR friends (which I actually might, we don't know), so you might want to fix that.
    -Dani the 80% maniac, 10% unicorn, and 10% llama

    1. Oh wow! Sorry! *goes to change my weird mistake*