Friday, February 19, 2016

5 tips to memorizing lines

Currently I am in 2 things that I need to memorize lines. A school play where I am goldilocks and though I only have like 11 lines half of them are in spanish. Then in OM, a club that I am in, I am a witch in a play we are performing for a competition in March. And well.. Sometimes it is really hard to memorize lines along with school and everything else going on. So here are some tips to remembering your lines.

Repeat them- Just plain repetition is key. Just say all of your lines in order over and over. This could get a little boring but after you do it for a while (like 20 minutes) but it will be stuck in your mind.

Look in a mirror- This weirdly helps me. When you are looking at yourself you're more focus (because you look amazing and can't look away) and you catch your mistakes easier.

Take a break- Ya ok I get this is a weird tip but if you stress yourself it is very bad for you and even if you end up getting lines memorized it will do more good than bad.

Preform for some else-  It can be your friend, your parents, your siblings, anyone. They can give you some advice and also when you perform in front of someone else sometimes you feel self conscious so you can do better.

Cross out or don't look at various words- Cross out or put your hand on some words and say the line and try to remember the word. This is a good memorization trick.

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