Monday, February 29, 2016

31 things to do to when you're mad

I got inspired by Rachel's 101 ways not to deal with annoying people to do this. I thought it would be fun to read and right so without further ado enjoy!

Just in General 

  • Scream and make all the windows around you break
  • Become distant from family and friends
  • Take your anger out on an innocent soul
  • Stop reading my blog
  • Eat 10-million tubs of ice-cream 
  • Make a mad vampire like face 
  • Lock the door to your room and not let anyone in
  • Through everything you possess
  • Pull your hair out
  • Become snobby
  • Act like that mean girl at school
  • Stop doing your passion
  • Become like Taylor Swift in Blank Space
  • Rip all your clothes apart
  • Block everyone on online account
  • Listen to anything I am saying here

Things to do to the people who make you mad

  • Stomp on any of their body parts
  • Through food in their face
  • Provoke them to be more mad
  • Sneak into there house and change there shampoos
  • Become some kind of evil genius overnight and make them your nemesis

  • Accuse them of cheating on a test when you know it isn't true
  • Spread bad rumors about them
  • Ask them ten thousand questions
  • Speak to them in languages they can't understand
  • Hack there facebook account and say they are dating a circus clown (no offense to circus clowns)
  • Give them a party invite just to say to pass it down 
  • Sing the Dora the Explorer in there ear
  • Tell everyone about that bunny stuffed animal they still sleep with
  • Change their profile picture to over sized baby
  • Again actually listen to anything I am saying

What do you do when your mad?


  1. awww, thanks, Nabila! I'm flattered!

  2. *Saying all of this with a funny playful voice* What the heck!!?? Why are you telling people this stuff?? I secretly love it! Mwa-ha-ha!!

    1. *Saying all of this with a funny playful voice* I'm so sorry! I don't mean to steer people in the wrong direction!

  3. Not in a rude way or anything, but aren't these the stuff you shouldn't do? XD. Honestly, I thought this would be more of a post where you'd have ways of cooling down, for example, going into your room and listening to music..And not taking your anger out on an innocent soul. But then again, I guess this was more of a comedy post.

    Anyway, great post! XD (Sorry if I sounded rude, I really didn't mean to).

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Exactly! XD

    2. You didn't come across as rude it's fine :) This was supposed to be a comedy post. I might do a real one though.

    3. At first this was stuff not to do but then I decided to make it funny and make it stuff to do.

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  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! You see very jolly about it. Get it?