Saturday, February 20, 2016

10 Minutes Writing Challenge Prompt 1

Jenni over at In My Own Little World is having a writing contest. Where there will be different prompts and you are only supposed to take ten minutes to write it. You can find out more here. The prompt is in red. As you have probably guessed I am entering so let's get started.

                                                           READY SET GO!

It had always been there. Always. It became a part of our daily life. We thought nothing of it until strange things began happening. First I heard mice scuttering when I was in bed. But since it was a old house I passed it off as just that. Then the next night I thought I heard hyenas laughing, laughing at me. But when I told my parents they didn't believe me. They never do. They just said I was imagining things. Dreaming things. The next day an old lady came to my door saying I was in danger but my dad shut the door in her face. saying she was foolish in her old age. But it frightened me. I didn't believe at first but now I do. Something is wrong. Strange things are happening. The next day all of my clothes were gone. This time my parents noticed. Searched everywhere but couldn't find. Then I told them the old lady and my "dreams" were all connected but they just said it was a robber. A robber! How could a robber steal my clothes in the dark of night? But they didn't listen. After that I began searching for the old lady. But I couldn't find her. Everyone said I was crazy. Mad because I had lost my clothes. They didn't believe me! They didn't! Until, well, until it was too late. 


Do you like it?  I probably could have come up with a better plot and stuff if I had had more then 10 minutes though. 


  1. Ohhhh this is such a good challenge, you done GREAT Nabila! Thanks for telling us about this, I'm thinking about doing it :)

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Wow thanks! You should so do it but I think the signup deadline was yesterday :(

  2. I got your entry. :) Awesome story!