Saturday, February 27, 2016


Today I am doing the second prompt for Jenni's writing contest. Basicly there a prompt and you have to write a story of some sort using that prompt but you only have 10 minutes. Prompts in red. So let's get started!



I wandered through the old place, floorboards creaking as I tiptoed up the stairs. I could see dust particles floating in the sunbeams shining through the massive windows. It was definitely a fixer-upper, but I could make it work. The next moment, I heard a resonating boom from the basement. As the single lightbulb flickered to life, I tested the stairs. They creaked dangerously, but seemed stable enough. When I was halfway down, the door shut and clicked. I was locked in. Then the light blinked out. Ugg! Why did I take this job in the fisrt place. I knew I shouldn't be mad though, I insisted on doing it. I put my hand along the walls trying to find a switch to turn the light back on. After a while I gave up and looked around. My sight had adjusted to the dark, though it was still pitch black I could see shapes. They looked like squares so I guessed they were boxes. "Boom!" And that was why I was down in this wretched place in the first place. What is that sound! It was coming from the north east direction. I told myself it was a probably a mouse of some sort playing with something but I was still a little scared. I inched myself over there keeping my eyes peeled for anything and hands on the ground, finding nothing. It seemed quite eerie in the basement. When I didn't hear another boom I went back to where I was trying to find the door. Luckily I did. First thing that actually went right with my day. But annoyingly it was still locked. I picked up one of those boxes and tried banging it on the door. But it didn't seem to work. So it seems like the basement door is the only thing in this house that is actually strong and no need of repair! "Boom!". It was that sound again! I began to walk back over where the sound was coming from when I heard a qulick and light poured into the room. The door had opened. I tried to see if there was anyone in the doorway but saw no one. I guess I should get back to work now then. 



Again I only had 10 minutes to work with so you can't expect it to be that good. Also I have decided to do a photography series in april so get ready :)

Do you like my writing? Are you excited for my series? How did you think I could improve in writing? Do you like to write? Have you ever won a writing contest?


  1. Awesome take! I have your entry. :) (obviously xD)


  2. Nice job! Still want to know what the boom was.

    1. *mysterious voice* you will never know! LOL. I might finish it later.