Monday, February 29, 2016

31 things to do to when you're mad

I got inspired by Rachel's 101 ways not to deal with annoying people to do this. I thought it would be fun to read and right so without further ado enjoy!

Just in General 

  • Scream and make all the windows around you break
  • Become distant from family and friends
  • Take your anger out on an innocent soul
  • Stop reading my blog
  • Eat 10-million tubs of ice-cream 
  • Make a mad vampire like face 
  • Lock the door to your room and not let anyone in
  • Through everything you possess
  • Pull your hair out
  • Become snobby
  • Act like that mean girl at school
  • Stop doing your passion
  • Become like Taylor Swift in Blank Space
  • Rip all your clothes apart
  • Block everyone on online account
  • Listen to anything I am saying here

Things to do to the people who make you mad

  • Stomp on any of their body parts
  • Through food in their face
  • Provoke them to be more mad
  • Sneak into there house and change there shampoos
  • Become some kind of evil genius overnight and make them your nemesis

  • Accuse them of cheating on a test when you know it isn't true
  • Spread bad rumors about them
  • Ask them ten thousand questions
  • Speak to them in languages they can't understand
  • Hack there facebook account and say they are dating a circus clown (no offense to circus clowns)
  • Give them a party invite just to say to pass it down 
  • Sing the Dora the Explorer in there ear
  • Tell everyone about that bunny stuffed animal they still sleep with
  • Change their profile picture to over sized baby
  • Again actually listen to anything I am saying

What do you do when your mad?

Bye Bye February, and Hello March

Yep today is the last day of February, the month of love. That means....

  • I have a big test in like 20 days
  • The month of love is over!
  • I should be able to find out where I got in for middle school and where I am going

My Goals for February Check:

not done

-Possibly start reading the last Harry Potter book

Ya I totally forgot about this one

-Do at least 3 reviews

I did much less review this month than usual

-Make a DIY
-Do a recipe post
-Do this type of post for march

Ya I didn't do to good with my goals last month but hopefully I'll be able to do better this month!

Goals for March:

-Again do a recipe post
-Actually complete my goals from now on
-Do for reviews
-Do this post for April

What I have loved:


Jeans and pink

No actually not pink jeans but jeans and then the color pink. Get it correct people!


This is the 4th book in a series that I really like!


Pretty much taylor swift in general and then black space. I tried to find the video but alas it did not work.

What I did in February:

-Celebrated my mom's birthday

Blog Stats (all time)

12,135 Pageviews
Most Popular Post: here

What did you do in February? Anything special?

I couldn't think of a name!

First today leap day so it is February 29 for the fisrt time in 4 years with is pretty cool.

Second Suzy is having an awesome giveaway over at her blog for blogging for one year. Congrats to her!

Third my actual post.

Last week was pretty crazy was pretty crazy for me. I had a super long math and reading test!

Ya, that was horrible but I did get a 100 on the reading so go me!

Saturday I felt really lazy.

But then I had to go to my mom's roller derby game. It was actually quite fun though she lost both games.

That was me inside the while time.

On sunday I woke up really late like at 8:30 instead of 7:00 (It late for me) because I had stayed up the night before.

Ya, that was me.

I ended up having breakfast at like 11:00 but then at 1:00 I had lunch. I had to do that because I had and OM meeting at 1:00 something.

It was quite fun though because we worked on props for our competition.

Then right after that I went to my freinds house. Like literally right after.

But we were glued to a TV screen just about the whole time and then got homemade ice-cream so that made up for it.

What have you been doing lately? Do you like this post? Should I do more posts like it? Did you know it was leap day before I told you? Are you going to enter Suzys giveaway? 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Infinity Dreams Tag

Miss Celie from CECE tagged me for this tag. She is totally awesome so you should go check out her blog. I have actually done this once before though so I am going to have a to get a little creative.


+Thank the Blogger who tagged you
+Tell us 11 facts about yourself
+Answer the 11 questions given to you
+Tag 11 bloggers (and come up with 11 new questions for them)

The Amazing Facts

1. I love photography.
2. I live in the U.S.
3. I am in 5th grade.
4. I absolutely love Taylor Swift!
5. Some of my friends/family call me B or evey.
6. I like graphic design.
7. I love asian food.
8. I started blogging in 3rd grade.
9. I go to a school with a language magnet program an I am learning spanish. 
10.  I am 11 years old
11. My birthday is on October 4th

The Amazing Questions/Answers

1.  What is the last thing you watched on tv?

Avengers: The Age of Ultron. I actually watched this movie in theater but my dad got it from the library so we are watching it again. 

2.  What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Some sketches and light fixtures and the TV.

3. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

Hands down Taylor Swift. 

4. What did you do for your last birthday?

I had a fun spy themed party with activities like shooting a target and getting through lasers (tape stuck to wall) It was really fun!

5.  What are some things that scare you?

People in my family dieing.

6.  What's your favorite part of today so far?

When my mom got home from work I hugged her and it made me smile.

7.  What's the best decision you ever made?

To start a blog, ha ha I don't really know. 

8.  How tall are you?

I think somewhere around 4.10.

9.  What color socks are you wearing?

White but they almost look black from dirt.

10.  What is your favorite color?

I can't decide between hot pink, purple, and blue. 

11.   What has been the best day of your life so far?

I don't really know

My Questions:

1.What does the room you are in look like?
2. What is the last/book/movie you read
3. If you could be an animal for a day what would it be?
4. Do you like my blog and why?
5.If you could ask the leader of your country one thing what would it be?
6. If you could talk with one person (dead or alive) for around 30 minutes who would it be?
7. Top 5 favorite blogs?
8. If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself what would be those words?
9. What if your favorite thing to do in your free time?
10. What has been the best part of your day so far?
11. Do you like this tag?

I tag:

What is your favorite tag you have ever done?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

5 Websites I Visit the Most

Hey peeps! I think thats my new name for you guys. Do you like it?

Ok now onto the post.  I am kind of an internet freak because pretty much if I have free time I am either on my computer or reading. Thats a lot of time on my computer, in this post I am going to list the top five websites I use the most.

1.Blogger: Dashboard -This is where I can look at all my blogs and all the blogs I am following and what they have posted.

2.Blogger: Hot Town Cool Girl: Some  most of my time is spent on by blog. If it is designing, writing posts, or looking at comments and I do all that on that website.

3.Gmail- I try to check my gmail pretty regularly to keep up to date. 

4.Youtube- Like a lot of other people I use other people I use youtube all the time. Usually I watch tv shows or music videos.

5. Mweor- This is like my favorite game ever! It is a cat game where you can raise, breed, and care for "mweors". There is also forums where you can talk and you can have friends and there is roleplaying and I quite like it. There are different breeds and you can also fight with your mweors. 

One of my mweors.

What websites are you on?


Today I am doing the second prompt for Jenni's writing contest. Basicly there a prompt and you have to write a story of some sort using that prompt but you only have 10 minutes. Prompts in red. So let's get started!



I wandered through the old place, floorboards creaking as I tiptoed up the stairs. I could see dust particles floating in the sunbeams shining through the massive windows. It was definitely a fixer-upper, but I could make it work. The next moment, I heard a resonating boom from the basement. As the single lightbulb flickered to life, I tested the stairs. They creaked dangerously, but seemed stable enough. When I was halfway down, the door shut and clicked. I was locked in. Then the light blinked out. Ugg! Why did I take this job in the fisrt place. I knew I shouldn't be mad though, I insisted on doing it. I put my hand along the walls trying to find a switch to turn the light back on. After a while I gave up and looked around. My sight had adjusted to the dark, though it was still pitch black I could see shapes. They looked like squares so I guessed they were boxes. "Boom!" And that was why I was down in this wretched place in the first place. What is that sound! It was coming from the north east direction. I told myself it was a probably a mouse of some sort playing with something but I was still a little scared. I inched myself over there keeping my eyes peeled for anything and hands on the ground, finding nothing. It seemed quite eerie in the basement. When I didn't hear another boom I went back to where I was trying to find the door. Luckily I did. First thing that actually went right with my day. But annoyingly it was still locked. I picked up one of those boxes and tried banging it on the door. But it didn't seem to work. So it seems like the basement door is the only thing in this house that is actually strong and no need of repair! "Boom!". It was that sound again! I began to walk back over where the sound was coming from when I heard a qulick and light poured into the room. The door had opened. I tried to see if there was anyone in the doorway but saw no one. I guess I should get back to work now then. 



Again I only had 10 minutes to work with so you can't expect it to be that good. Also I have decided to do a photography series in april so get ready :)

Do you like my writing? Are you excited for my series? How did you think I could improve in writing? Do you like to write? Have you ever won a writing contest?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Duct Tape Bag

Yes, today I have another duct tape DIY this time a really cute bag!


-duct tape (you can have one but I recommend 2+)
-and old shirt
-needle and thread

1. First we are going to focus on the actual bag part. With a piece of paper  (I chose a pretty big one but you can also have a smaller bag) put duct tape on both sides taking into consideration that one side will be the inside of the bag and one will be the outside. 

2.Then you want to fold the piece of paper in half and duct tape the sides together until it looks like this:

It looks like a folder maybe or a handbag.
Then pat yourself on the back! You have the easy part done.

3. Now for making the straps (I used an old shirt but you can also use really thick yarn). For this I found a pink fluffy shirt in a closet that no one wanted. 

Fits perfectly with the color of my bag right?

Then since I decided to make kind of like a messenger bag that goes over my neck so I cut a long piece of fabric out of the shirt. Make sure to make what you are cutting out pretty thick though because later you are going to be folding it in half. 

Ya, my cutting isn't really that good but it doesn't matter!

4. Now for the sewing. Fun right? Ya, not really. With your fabric you are going to fold it in half and then sew the 2 ends together. This took me around 30 minutes with my mom's help but I am like the world's worst and slowest sewer. Then it should look something like this:

One perfect strap! Again not really but whateves.

5. Now for acually connecting your strap to your bag.  I sewed it together but you can also staple it. If you are sewing it though and some of the sticky tape stuff gets on your needle wash it off because this will just make it harder to sew.

6. Now pat yourself on the back, put your new cute bag on, and brag to all your friends. You look amazing!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Black and White

Sometimes I see things in black and white.  Not looking at the glorious wonders of the world my god has made but at the bad barren parts. Sometimes I see things with neglectful eyes only trying to see the good and not the bad. Sometimes I need a pop of color. If it is a smile, a wave, a kind, word, or a note. Everyone needs a pop of color sometimes. 


As you can see I did a little photoshoot with my mom today after church. It was pretty fun and I used a new editing system to make all of the pictures black and white. My outfit was actually already all black and white (my sister called me goth) so I thought why not make the whole thing that way. After I did that then I was inspired to write the little thing I write above. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Isn't that flower so pretty! My mom got it as a present for her birthday. She got it from someone who is from chile and said they grow everywhere there. Everywhere! My asked why in the world she moved and I totally agree. With one is your favorite?


I am thinking about doing a photography series on my blog with how to take the best photos, tips, and what to use them for.  If you like the idea please comment down below! 

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