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Friday, January 1, 2016

Things I love: Winter

Today is January first with means *drum role please* officially 2016. It also means that is is the first of January. I am doing a series along with Amelia Grace and a couple other bloggers called What I love. On the first of every month there is a theme and you are supposed to do a post that has pictures from google images and other sources that you like in that theme. Like if the theme was summer than you could have a picture of a pool or something that said summer break. Today theme is winter. So lets get started. Also since I don't want to right it a million times. All of these pictures are from google images and are not mine.

Winter break- Who doesn't like getting of from school?


Snow- Not like I actually get it but snow is still fun to think about and imagine

Hot chocolate- I love drinking hot chocolate in the winter

 Christmas- This needs no explanation 

Holidays- Over all I just love the holidays because everyone is cheerful and in a happy mood. 

Winter photography

Cozy Outfits

I will be trying to do this the first of every month. 


  1. oml yes! i love winter break and boots. hot coco is amazing.
    snow photography is georgous.
    i love cozy, wintery outfits ❤



    1. I love all those things quite a bit as well. Though I guess you already know that.

      ps. Happy new year to you!


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