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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interview With Makayla Grace!

Today I have an interview with the awesome Makayla-Grace! She is a semmy new blogger and has leukemia so give her some support and visit her blog here. Alright let's get to the interview. I will be in this color. Now lets welcome


What is your name?

Makayla-Grace. I just prefer Grace ;)

What are your favorite activities?

Blogging, and listening to music (my favorite band is All Time Low)

I don't know that band but for the blogging and mucic same here

What is your favorite color?

Aw, man you have me at that one! I'd have to say green

the color questions stumps you? Seriously, it's a bad thing or anything but still

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

Um..... well, people don't know how old the camera I own is (it's like, 15)

Pretty old I guess

Favorite book?

"Favorite Book" isn't in my dictionary. XD. I'd have to go with Dork Diaries 4.

ya I hate the what is your favorite _? Questions too but they're fun too read

How old are you?

9. I'll be 10 in July.

(Happpy like 5 month early birthday!)What is your dream job?

idk what it is yet. 

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I also don't know why I named my blog "Makayla-Grace"

ya ok that was kind of a stupid question for you

Favorite movie?

Cinderella. (That new live action version)

I haven't seen that yet but it sounds cool

What is your inspiration?

Music. Just music.

What is your blog name?


What is your blog url?

Make sure to give her blog a look and maybe a follow! 

I have been trying to find one so I leave you guys today with a challenge, find a blog by a boy that is not about sports or cooking. It is harder than it sounds. 


  1. I I found a boy blog! It's called My Patronus is a Goldfish.

    1. ya ok I guess that is about books but it is also by a six year old.


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