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Sunday, January 17, 2016


I have never really done a fashion post before so I decided to try something new since I am really into fashion.

At my school we have a dress code. There is not a certain outfit that everyone has to wear but we can only wear certain colors with no words or designs. This doesn't really leave you with room to be yourself through clothing. But something that you can do is wear accessories to pump up your outfit. Or if you have a plain outfit that is kind of boring put on some cute boots and a scarf and then voila! It's cute. Accessories can do so much for your outfit.


Scarves are a fun thing to wear in the winter time. They are easy to store and easy to just slap on an outfit. Though with everything you have to be size and color correct. Like if you are wearing a red shirt you don't really want to wear a yellow scarf. And if you have a design on your scarf/shirt you don't want one on your shirt/scarf, it would just be too much.


Hats are something you can wear all year round. They are not as easy to store but considering what type of hat it is you can just hang it on a hook and it would look fine. Hats are both cute and functional. Unlike scarves you do not have to be as strict about the color and size since they are on your head and not directly on your outfit. Of course you still don't want a pink navy hat with a rainbow striped shirt. But it's fine to have designs on both your top and your hat without it looking like too much but you still have to keep it a little bit minimalist. 

Like my sparkly camo hat? 


Again in the wintertime this is a perfect accessory. It will both keep you hands warm and make them look cute. There are also so many kind of gloves, from fingerless, to knitted, to leather. Since they are so small and you would probably be wearing them with a long sleeve shirt. You can really wear any color gloves with any color of bottom/top. For the past few year my grandmother has been knitting me fingerless gloves for christmas. I love wearing them to school or just out and about. 


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