Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nerf Rebel Guardian Crossbow: Review

My nail polish interview inspired me to do another one. I got the crossbow again from christmas and it is my favorite present I got.

I look awesome right?

not mine

To say the least I really love this crossbow. I got a bow last year and though it looks cool it does not have very good accuracy or length. But this one has it all. It has very good accuracy and go over 20 feet. There is also quite a bit of power behind the bullets and it can hurt a little. I also really love the design. It is a wing overlay with another wing. The bullets are also unique and really cute. Though if you are as careless as me I recommend if you get this getting extra bullets because I seem to loose one each time I use it. Another reason I really like this is because it has an automatic reloading system so you can shoot 6 arrows in a row without reloading. 

Now I just need the Nerf Rebel Blaster and I will have the whole set! 

You can find it here

Bye Bye January, Hello Febuary

Yep today is the last day in January.  That means....

  • It is the end of the first month in the year
  • I have 30 weeks until STARR
  • Five months until summer! 
  • Valentine's Day is coming up! 

Goals for february:

-Possibly start reading the last Harry Potter book
-Do at least 3 reviews
-Make a DIY
-Do a recipe post
-Do this type of post for march


I really love this black and white thing and of course for pretty much every winter, boots! 

not mine

Post Popular Post


 I did a review on The Grimm Warning here


I seriously can not get Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" out of my head! 

For some reason I could not get the official video. 

What I did in January

-Went to 2 birthday parties (it seems like all of my freinds birthdays are in January!)
-Took a middle school test
-Went to a New Year's Eve party

What have you been doing in January? 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Triple Shine I Sally Hanson: Nail Polish Review

I have never really done a review before that hasn't been of movies or books so I thought I would do one. I acually got these from my grandmother for christmas.

Oyster Bar-Silver

This one looked also most metallic and no joke while I was wearing one of my freinds asked if I had colored my nails with a silver sharpie. 

Wavy Blue- Blue

This very sparkly and dark blue. 

Haynautical-Light blue

This one is a much light blue and personally I would wear it on top of something more as a sparkle then a main color. 


I really love these colors! They are all of course shiny as you can tell my the name and do it well. They are very protective and stay on for a long time.  I really like this because I may have this habbit of sucking and or picking my nails so my nails always look horrible but these really help! Another feature that I like about these nail polishes is that is has a protective cap around the regular one. This means that is less chances of spilling it all over the place with is really bad and messy.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Liebster Award

I got tagged by Fiona to do this tag! This is like my 4th time doing it but since the questions are always different I don't think it really matters. 

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Answer all 11 questions
3. Tag 11 bloggers who have less than 1,000 followers
4. Ask them 11 questions
5. Let them know you tagged them through social media

  1. Who is your hero?
Well there are different heroes for different things.. 
  1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Probably somewhere in Europe. Like france or spain or italy. 
  1. What is your biggest fear?
Umm.... Failing school, someone close to me dieing, or some kind of natural disaster. The use. 
  1. What is your favorite family vacation?
Probably when we went to mexico. Even though I can remember very little the stuff I do remember was awesome. 
  1. What would you change about yourself if you could?
I don't think I would change anything except maybe make me have something special about myself like a talent. Or make myself rich if I get to keep all my friends and that kind of stuff. 
  1. What really makes you angry?
When my sister are being really annoying. 
  1. What motivates you to work hard?
The thought that after I will have accomplished something. 
  1. What would you like to major in in college?
This is a hard question. I don't really know. There are so many good things and I haven't really decided what i want to be when I grow up. 
  1. What is your biggest complaint about school?
All of the long tests.
  1. What is your favorite book to read?
This is a question??????!!!!!
  1. What makes you laugh the most?
Funny instances and words or people.  

My questions:
What is your dream job?
Who is your favorite musician/music group? 
Favorite type of blog post to write? 
How long have you been blogging? 
What motivates you to keep going in day to day life? 
What makes you angry?
What makes you happy?
What is your top blogging goal?
What is something that is a talent that you have (dance, writing. etc)?
What does your dream home look like?
If you could live anywhere what would it be? 

For tagging I have decided to just tag the last 11 people who commented on my blog with would be:

The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning

I  have not done a book review in a while and so I have decided to do one. When I read the First Land of Stories book I loved it. So when I saw the 3rd and 2nd one at the library I had to get it and this review is one of the 3rd book.
I might have gotten a little carried away with special effects. 

A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer 

Corner Bailey thinks he won't have anymore adventures and that his life will just be normal. But when he goes on a class trip and finds a clue left by the Grimm Brother long ago it sets him off on a journey to crack a case that started 200 years ago. 

Meanwhile Alex Bailey is training to be the next fairy godmother. But is she really up to it? Her spells keep going the wrong way and people don't seem to appreciate her. 

The twins must fight together with family and freinds to defeat the enemy that they have no odds  of defeating. Nothing can prepare them for the hard battle ahead. 

This book lived up to my expectations not to say the least. The way the author writes I really like,  how he points out what is happening while giving what the characters are thinking makes it both funny and interesting. There is a lot of heartbreak and sadness in this story but also a lot of fun and just plain weird parts.  

I probably would give this book a five except for one reason. In some parts I think the author goes way too fast over things. He doesn't really explain how the characters or feeling or anything like that. This doesn't make you confused at what is happening or anything but it annoys me when she does it. I know I just said I how I like his writing but at parts it seems rushed. 

If you have read this book or any of the books in the series I would love to talk to you about them in comments. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's the Plan Tag?

I again got tagged by the awesome Dani Jones to do this tag.

Like my photo edit? 

  • Answer the questions down below
  • Tag anyone 
  • Make one other question for the people you tag
  • Have fun


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well I want to be something that makes a good bit of money so maybe a doctor but I don't really want to go through medical school so..... 

What college/university do you want to go to?

I don't know!

Do you want to get married?


Do you want to have children?

Well I guess but then I would definitely have to learn how to become not as annoyed as easily. 

Apartment or house?

A modern house. 


I want a cat.

Like this one....

It is the definition of cuteness.

Car or van?


Any hobbies?

Well blogging and writing and reading and taking pictures and blogging.....

Fave band?

Don't really have one.

What city do you want to live in?

I can't really choose a city but I want to say in the U.S. 

One awkward moment you'll try not to let happen to you in the future?

Doing something that is wrong that I didn't know about and then someone figuring out what it is.

How long do you think you can hold a fart in the office?

All the way to the restroom.

My question:

Dream vacation? 

Ya ok the questions is kind of lame but I couldn't think of anything. 

I tag Yali and Sophia Smith

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I took pictures of my lunch! Oh and the backyard

Well I did! Today I went to a gt program test at a middle school that I am applying for science and math with was quite hard so wish me luck on that. While I was doing that my sister and dad went to whole foods and bought these really pretty tomatoes that I took some photos of.

Then we had a tomato sandwich. Like the pictures? 

My mom got a new phone recently since I might have broke her old one and it has a really good camera so I was playing with the effects of focusing where and that kind of stuff. 

With one is your favorite? 

The Unknown Blogger Challenge

I didn't actually get tagged to do this tag but Suzy said anyone with under 100 followers could do it and I really want to do the tag.


This is a challenge. Therefore, those nominated are challenged to do it.
Nominate at least 5 followers with less than 100 followers etc., etc., etc.

  • If you could only read one book (or if you must, book series) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bahhhhh!!!! Um could I choose an author instead? 

  • What’s your favorite exotic animal?
*searches for exotic animals* This one!

  • If you could start a new fad, what would it be?
Maybe black and white. 

  • Your house is one fire! You have 30 seconds to grab what you need and get out, what will it be?
Well a phone if possible and of course my sisters.

  • Which do you prefer to make images with: PicMonkeyCanvaPixlr, or some other photo editing software?
I always use picmonkey. 

My questions:

Cute blog design and know button or a button and no design?
Why do you blog?
Favorite type of post to write?
Favorite type of post to read? 
How/when do you think of a post? Do you have a schedule? 

I tag:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Famous People Tag

I got tagged by the awesome Dani to do this tag. But just as a warning I am not the most in celebs.

Put up the tag button
Tag the last 10 people who commented on your blog

1. Your fave singer or group
I think my fave singer at the moment would have to be Taylor Swift. 

2. If your fave male actor was in the room with you what would your reaction be?
I don't really pay attention to actors and definitely not males. 

3. Is there any famous person you used to love but now changed your mind?
No that I can think of. 

4. Name a famous person whose name starts with a V
I thought and thought and thought and came up with nothing. 

5. What is your fave red carpet dress?
Oh I know, I know!

The pretty one.

6. Who's your fave royal person?
Like of royal brood? I don't know. 

7. Who is your fave child actor/actress?
There are a lot of good child actress (in my opinion) and I can't really choose. 

8. Is there an actor/actress you like the private life of?
Not really. 

9. Do you think actors/actresses have improved over the last 100 years?
Not that I have watched a movie from 100 years ago but just as an inference, yes. 

10. What is the weirdest famous person's name?

11. Do you think you look like a famous person?
Not really. 

12. Share your famous person quote?
I can't really remember one of the top of my head a one that's my favorite. 

13. Who is your fave actress?
Again I usually don't remember the actors and their names. 

14. Have you ever met/been near/ seen a famous person?
I went to a Weird Al concert. 

I tag Else, Nomi, Emma, Dani Jones, Suzy, Envy, JollyGirl, Elly, Allie. D, and Rukiya. 

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