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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 and Happy New Years!

Can you believe tomorrow it will be 2016? Yep today is New Years Eve. I'm pretty exited. It means I'm halfway done with the school year, spring is coming up, winter break is ending and a bunch of other things. I got back from my grandmothers at like 12;00 pm yesterday. So for once I'm actually home on new years. With is kind of new for me.  I'm going to go to my aunts house and see my cousins.

1. Do better quality blog posts- A lot of times I just do a post fast and it not really good quality and I want to stop that

2. Get different types of photos- A lot of times I just do nature pics and I want to do more people and have a variety of photos. 

3. Get 30 followers on my blog- right now I have 27 and to get 30 I just need 3 more. Easy right?

4. Try to get better at designing, coding, and editing- I want to try to learn how to code a little bit for my blog and also get better at editing pictures.  Any tips?


The Dani Jones Blog

Amelia Grace

A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Shine 'N' Elevate
In the Depths of Dreams
For some reason I couldn't copy and paste her header

Posts- These are my favorite posts that I have written from each month

January-  So I only have like five posts from January and there all pretty horrible but the least horrible one was 50 question test. Ya you can see how I have improved. 
February- Wow now there are only 4 posts and they are still all bad. I'm just not going to link a posts for February. 
March- I think I am going to skip this month too
April-I didn't post at all this month
August- Ok now for some good post from this month on. Either artthisthisthis, or this. I couldn't only choose on since I did 43 posts in august.
September-Mount Glacier 
October-Pretty much all of my blogtober posts. 
November-ABC me
December-  Probably this post with I do not have to do a link since you are looking at it.

*a masked women comes up wearing a glittering face mask and says*

Happy New Years!

So what are you doing for new years?


  1. Happy New Years Nabila! Do you watch fireworks on New Year's Eve? I do, every year :
    I love this post, it's pretty awesome

    1. P.S I'm incredibly sorry that my blog link is "lovingcraft". I would change it to my current blog name, but it won't let me for some reason .

    2. Thanks! I usually do go see fireworks but this year I did not because I was at a party. Also the bloglink link thing is fine, I don't really care.

  2. Thank you for saying that my blog is one of your faves! That really means a lot to me!

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  4. hiiiiiiiiiiii i can write my name too see Sylvie


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