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Monday, November 2, 2015


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good halloween! I had a pretty decent one I would say.

I went to my friends halloween party for halloween with was super fun. When I was getting in the car to go to her house this person from school screamed "NABILA" and for some reason after that I was cracking up and laughing and he probably decided I was crazy but at the time I guess I thought it was funny. Ok back to the party. It was super fun and they had a lot of cool decorations like a bag shaped like a human in the front yard with a foot sticking out with I ended up picking up and throwing in the air. We started going trick or treating around 6:00 and got back at around 7:00. I got a quite a bit of candy and for some reason more than all of my sisters with is a little bit weird. I was a devil (yes I am christian it wasn't supposed to be offensive or anything) but it turned out to be more like a cat with wings wearing a really cute dress because the head band with the ears broke in half and the thing that I was supposed to carry got lost so instead I wore cat ears. Here is a picture of me and my friend lydia taken by my mom.

(sorry its not that great of a picture)

How was you Halloween? What did you do?


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