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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Duck Tape Bookmark DIY

Today I will be showing you how to make a bookmark with only ducktape. I will not be doing Blogtober though because the theme is Halloween Pinterest Roundup and I don't really use pinterest. This is my first DIY post so I hope you guys like it : )

Things Needed
-A roll of duct Tape (does not have to be full)
-Ruler (optional)

Ok let's get started

1. First you want to cut 2 strips of duct tape the size you want your bookmark to be. 

2.  Then you should cut another strip the same size and then cut it in half. That will leave you with 2 little pieces of duct tape.

3. Then you would put the first 2 pieces you cut, the bigger ones, together. This is the hardest step because once you put the tape together you can not really tear it apart unless you try very hard.

4. The bookmark right now probably has white edges and does not look that grate so that is where the little srtips come in. You should put either of them on either side of the bookmark and then fold it down so that you can not see any of the jagged edges or anything like that.

5. Enjoy your new bookmark by reading a book and using it in action.

Hoped you like it!


  1. That's a wonderful craft! :)

    Allie D.


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