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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blogtober day 29

I haven't really been posting that much lately or doing blogtober so today I am going to do the 2 blogtober posts I missed and the one for today.

Your Opinion on_____
This was the prompt for monday. I couldn't think of anything at the time but now I do have an idea (it's not really my idea it's more elly cause this is what she did it does it matter?). My opinion on some halloween costumes. Ok let's get started! (none of thses pics are mine)

This is a katniss costume from the hunger games and I personally love it. I was katteness last year and it was really fun.

This is as you have probably already realized a hermione granger costume (were in the world is the wand though?!).  Lots have my friends have been hermine before and it looks really cute but since the dress this is pretty long It is hard to run around it so I would never were it because when I go trick or treating I like to run form house to house.

This is cerise hood form ever after high. I got the idea to do this one because one of my friends are going to be her this year. I think that this is a really fun and cool costume. If yo have ever been little red riding hood and still have the costume and want an easy one for this year the this is your costume. Since her mom is little red riding hood in the book that is really just what she looks like except she has wolf ears.

DIY Halloween Decorations
Since I don't really do DIYs I am going to put my favorite ones from other people.
Floating Witch Hat Luminaries
Floating Witch Hats
Black Cat O’Lanterns
Black cat lanterns

Halloween Welcome sign

Halloween Luminaries
Bag Lights

What You Read in October
This is the prompt from today and I think it's a pretty good one. I don't actually know all the books I read this month but I'll try to list most of theme (these are not my pictures)
P.S. Be Eleven
This means war
Bran Hambric The Fairland Curse
Esperanza Rising
Nerd Camp
The Ability Mindscape
Always Abigail

One Crazy Summer

These are not actually all of the boos I read this month but these are all that I remember.  Your probably think that I'm crazy and that I read to much but that not true I just really love reading and except for the Fairling Curse book the books were super short.

Hope you have a good day! And sorry for such the long post.


  1. Cool post, Nabila! :D Oh my GOSH, I LOVE the Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen that costume before! <3 it! Have you read the books? I LLLOOOOVVVEE them AHH. Sorry for all caps :P

    1. No it's fine. I have read all of the books and watched all 3 movies. The last 2 I saw in theatre. I must say I absulutly love them 2.


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