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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blogtober day 24: Things I do on a lazy day

Today's prompt for blogtober is things I do on a lazy day. So I have made a little list of things I do.

Read Books

I love reading and on a lazy day is is one of the best things to do to keep me occupied.

Read Blogs

This is one of my favorite thing to do. Just surf the web or the blogs I follow and just read them.

Drink a Warm Drink

Is doesn't really matter if It's tea or hot chocolate but with a mug in my hand and a cover on my legs I am very lazy and cozy


I would say this is pretty self explanatory but I'll say it anyway. On a lazy day I will go to the fridge or cabinet and just scavenge through until I find something I want.


On a lazy day these things are lifesavers.

Hoped you liked it! In comments you can tell me what you do on a lazy day.  


  1. I just like to read blogs and lazy days, and watch YouTube of course!!

  2. On lazy days I'm usually just on my phone reading blogs, eating, lying down and watching movies! YOUTUBE IS LIFEEEE

    Rukiya XX


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