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Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogtober day 23:Something you have never done before

Today's prompt is to do something you have never done before and for me I have never had a contest.  So I am going to have a photo contest.

How to enter:

Either by emailing me the picture at or my doing your entry on your blog. 

What should be in an entry:

Your name

Your fall themed photo with a little caption

The picture above


I don't really have a prize that I can give because this is really just supposed to be for fun but If you want if you wij I can make a little picture/button that says it


You have to have sent your picture by november 14 then on the 15 I will announce the winner

Hope you enter!


  1. Oo this is a cool contest! I'll try to enter :)

    Rukiya XX

  2. I will try to enter the fall-iest picture I've got, since it's not fall in Australia.

  3. Could the Australians enter something LIKE a fall pic? Or could we do a spring picture since its spring here...?

    1. well I want it to be a fall pic so you could just enter one from last fall or try to improve.


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