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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tieology: 101

You are probably wondering how to tie a tie but let me tell you a secret no one really knows. You see tie go back to the caveman age. It was used as whips that you can wear on your neck. As you probably know they didn't have a language so we will never really know the proper way or better speaking the first way. Nowadays people use them to be professional. They think if you are wearing a tie you will get more respect and they are pretty much right. If you are just starting a job or going to an interview and you live alone and have never tied a tie this definitely not the place to go because I have absolutely no idea how to tie a tie. 


Tie a tie, tie a tie, tie a tie, that is so fun to say! So did you like it? I thought of it when I as trying to put on my dads tie as you probably guessed did not succeed. 


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