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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I see a little crack of light in my dark room. It is the sun trying to come up. I rejoice with the light in my dark room. Then I think that if the sun is coming up that means I must start my day. That also means I must get ready for school and then actually go to that crazy place. I really don't want but I realize I must as I hear my moms voice calling my name from the kitchen telling me to get dressed. Well I guess if I must get up I will so that is what I do.  


This is just a little snippet of a story I thought this morning to go with my picture. I have a couple more but the first one is the best.

this is just another sun picture

This is me being crazy and taking a picture of a window

This is I must admit a bad picture of the half finished pergola my dad is building in our backward right now.  


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