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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Bucket List

I got this idea from Noor and thought it would be fun

                                    Take pictures of colored falling leaves                                  
                               You see I have never really gotten any good  pics of colored falling leaves because were I live the tress pretty much just stay green
Jump in a leaf Pile
I have never actually done this before because it seems like were i live the trees either just die or stay green and never really fall

Eat ten Thousand things of Candy Corn
I know this might sound a little insane but I love candy corn

Eat a caramel Apple
I have seen this many times a fall fares but I have never really gotten one

Try To Make an Apple Pie
I am not that good of a cook so I am challenging myself to do this

If you have been down in the slumps lately then this is an awesome idea for a post


  1. What a great bucket list ^_^ All of the things sound like fun {especially eating all of that candy corn!} X3

  2. I love your bucket list!
    I'm so excited for autumn-It's my favorite season (then again, so are all the other xD)
    I love the jumping into leaves and taking pictures of them!


  3. Fall is my favorite. It's sweet and warm and smells good. Your list of stuff to do sounds amazing I can't wait for fall to be in full swing!


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