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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blogger Choice Awards

So if you hadn't heard Rukiya is holding a Blogger choice awards.

For ALL the information about it, click this

To join, click this

The categories are

Best Choice Poet                                  
Best Choice Fashion Blogger               
Best Choice Overall Blogger (a blogger who you think is good at everything!)
Best Choice Book Reviewer
Best Choice Photographer
Best Choice Story Writer

Best Choice Original Content (someone who is quirky and has a unique blog)
Best Choice Newbie Blogger                       
Nicest Choice Blogger         
Best Choice Thoughtful Blogger                 
Coolest Choice Blogger          
Best Choice Blog Designer                           
Best DIYer

Best Choice Personality Blogger
Best Choice Funniest Blogger
To find out more about it go to here blog here.



  1. Ahhhh thanks so much Nabila! Also I know that you filled in the other form, thanks! Please don't vote for yourself on your poll though because it would be cheating :)

    Rukiya XX

  2. For now your poll is closed so that it would be fair. I only posted updates today and so more people are gonna want to enter. And if they aren't given the same amount of time to get voted, it won't be fair.

  3. Thanks for putting my button on your friends page, but could you please take it off? I'm thinking of getting a new one :)


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