Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mount Glacier

This is not just your everyday climb. Today I am going to climb Mount Glacier, I remember as I get out of bed.

"Wakey, wakey!" I call to the few fools that are actually going to go with me on this climb. 

No one liked getting up early, but today I had to wake up at 4:00am because we would have to meet our employer for this climb at 6:00am. 

"Pack your stuff in the car, everyone, but put some professional clothes on now so we will look professional for the employer," I said. 

I said this because the person who wanted us to do this climb was known to be ruthless and back out of the contracts for no reason at all so we had to look good so that there would be really no reason to or at least one less reason to back out. I smiled at the thought of him and how he had picked me specifically over everyone else because I am the only crazy person who would be willing to. 

Others would would run away screaming just at the thought of the mountain. It is said to be full of jagged ice and horrible monsters. I get dressed and go down to smell a waft of pancakes, my favorite. Once I snap out of my state of happiness I say "ok everyone eat quick we're on the road in 15". 

Everyone groans at that because I know they want to savor this food that is not porridge or stew. 

After I eat at 5:30 on the dot, we all pile in the car and ride to the mansion where we are supposed to meet our employer. 


I hear a ruckus outside and my butler tells me there is something urgent outside. Ugg! What could be more important than rereading all of Chronicles of Narnia for the 20th time? Then I remember what day it is. 

I immediately climb out of bed and get dressed. I hope they get what's on top or maybe even die trying. I don't really care cause I am only doing this because of my good for nothing brother.

 I go downstairs and see them in my living room standing around awkwardly at my velvet clothes and gold trimmed chairs. "It is ok. You can sit down" I say. As they plop down on the chairs they all look happy because they are not really used to this kind of comfort. 

Then I notice something odd. I count the men and only come up with ten. That is definitely not enough to do this climb. "Did you leave some of your fellow men in the car?" I ask. The bigger man who looks to be the leader said no at this. Well with only ten men they will never make this climb. 


Do you like my little story? I wanted to write a story so I got my mom to pick a picture (the one on top) from the D and D books my dad got and then I would try to make a little story out of it and that's what I did. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Bucket List

I got this idea from Noor and thought it would be fun

                                    Take pictures of colored falling leaves                                  
                               You see I have never really gotten any good  pics of colored falling leaves because were I live the tress pretty much just stay green
Jump in a leaf Pile
I have never actually done this before because it seems like were i live the trees either just die or stay green and never really fall

Eat ten Thousand things of Candy Corn
I know this might sound a little insane but I love candy corn

Eat a caramel Apple
I have seen this many times a fall fares but I have never really gotten one

Try To Make an Apple Pie
I am not that good of a cook so I am challenging myself to do this

If you have been down in the slumps lately then this is an awesome idea for a post

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blogger Choice Awards!!!!!

Today was the day. The award ceremony day for the Blogger Choice Awards. To see who won go here. Ok know guess what I saw when I looked to who won best choice photographer? Can you guess? Can you? Well I am just going to show you.

Best Choice Photographer: NABILA!! WE ALL LOVE YOUR PICTURES, YOU DONE A BRILLIANT JOB ON THE POLL GURL ;) I'll try and have your interview questions done by this week, but there is a chance that I'll get it done by next week. Sorry!

Yes that is what I saw on Rukiya's blog.  I saw that I won Best Choice Photographer and I am pretty happy about it!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yellow Rose Derby Girls

Yesterday I went to a friends and family game of Roller derby. If you don't know what that is to find out go here. I went because my mom is on the team and my dad is an announcer. A friends and family game is actually a free game where the team pretty much plays themselves and each team has a thing. This time it was Dragons VS Unicorns. My mom was on the dragons team and so was my friends mom who has a lot of team spirit.

ya she dressed up as a dragon.  My mom also drew a dragon on her face. 

I also took some pictures of the actual game but these are the only none fussy pictures. 

If you want to have a taste of this action then you can go to there next game with is another friends and family game theme: Empire Strikes Track. As in Empire strikes back from star wars. To find out more go here

New Blog

Me and my friend from school S'mores # 83 (her pen name) are starting a new blog. It will mostly be a art blog. I will just upload the pictures and do the writing and she will be drawing the pictures. We will also have guest artists and interviews with other artist from school or even an adult.  I would be super happy if you checked it out here

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some amazingly cute/awesome animated GIFS

As the title says in this post I will be showing some of my favorite anime GIFS. Most of these are from Glitter Graphics.

I can not take my eyes of this kitty!!!!

It is a cat doing an pushup. I really have now words....

I almost fell bad for this overly adorable penguin

Bad awesome  Kitty!

It's baby eeyore!

Ok so those were just a couple of my favorites but weren't they just so adorable.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's the plan tag

I saw this on Lauryns blog from a while back she tagged everyone and  I thought it looked cool.


  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag anyone else
  • Make one other question for the people you tag
  • Have fun!

  • Questions:  

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I don't really know but probably some kind of doctor

    What college/university do you want to go to?
    I really don't know but probably some kind of good one

    Do you want to get married?
    right now yes if I find the right person

    Do you want to have children?
    Yes because well I just want some and my mom says she needs grandchildren

    Apartment or House?
    House. If I am planning on having then not a small one. It will also need to have a front porch

    Yes!!! I will definitely have a cat because they are much easier then dogs and are just so cut and cuddly

    Car or van?
    If I have a family then van but other wise I would just stick to a car

    Any hobbies?
    Yes! I like to sing, write (sometimes), reading, taking photos, and of course Blogging!!!

    Favorite Band?
    Probably one direction or imagine dragons

    My question is 
    What city would you want to live in?

     I nominate:


    Also anyone else who wants to do it!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Jewelry Giveaway

    Amelia Grace is doing a giveaway for a necklace from her sisters new etsy shop.

     She is giving away this.

    Isn't it pretty? To enter just go to her blog and say 2 of the things from the etsy shop you like. To find out more go here

    Sunday, September 13, 2015

    I see a little crack of light in my dark room. It is the sun trying to come up. I rejoice with the light in my dark room. Then I think that if the sun is coming up that means I must start my day. That also means I must get ready for school and then actually go to that crazy place. I really don't want but I realize I must as I hear my moms voice calling my name from the kitchen telling me to get dressed. Well I guess if I must get up I will so that is what I do.  


    This is just a little snippet of a story I thought this morning to go with my picture. I have a couple more but the first one is the best.

    this is just another sun picture

    This is me being crazy and taking a picture of a window

    This is I must admit a bad picture of the half finished pergola my dad is building in our backward right now.  

    Saturday, September 12, 2015

    Interview with Nomi

    I have not had that many interviews lately and I wanted to. Then it popped into my head I have a sister who blog and have never interviewed her. So now that is exactly what I am doing.

    What is your name? Nomi

    What are your favorite activities? Art , blog, and sisters

    What is your favorite color? Blue

    What is one thing most people don't know about you? I have a blog

    Favorite book? All the Percy books

    How old are you? 9

    what is your dream job? To have a nice home-made perfume shop 

    What is the meaning behind your blog name? I get to type what is in my head
    Favorite movie? none

    What is your inspiration? None

    What is your blog name? Nomi Verse

    You can check out her blog here

    Some Flower pics / blog poll

    I have been trying to improve my blog some so I made a poll to help me out. I would be really happy if you take it!

    Powered by Typeform

    I also took some pictures of the flowers this morning.

    I thought they turned out pretty good. Which one is your favorite?

    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    Some pics

    Hi sees!(yes I know that is not a word but it should be) So I have been getting more and more into art and photography. Here is some of my work.

    Aren't these just so cute!

    I like the hairstyle

    The model for this was again my friend Lydia. Ok now onto art.

    Do you like them?

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Don't vote for me: Book review

    Hi so ya I am going to do a review. Also in the comments can you tell me if my reviews are helpful or not because I am not quite sure?

    It is time to vote for class president and really no one is surprised when Veronica Pritchard-Patt is the only one on the list. She is the most popular girl in school and has had a winning streak for the past 3 years. David is pretty sick of it with his big fat mouth to his whole grade. When he is publicly challenged by Veronica he reluctantly and almost forcefully enters the race. But as the days to voting day comes closer he learns that this girl is not only a pretty princess and that maybe she deserves to win and not him.


    I think that this was a pretty good book and is worth reading. I like how the popular girl actually has some secrets about her life that not every populer has but of course I am not going to tell. This is a book set in middle school so people would probably like it who are in middle school. 

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    healthy smoothie: 2

    Yes that is what I had for breakfast this morning alongside a little bit of eggs. I know it might not look to appetizing but it is super healthy for you and did not turn out to bad.
    Here is how to make it.

    Ingredients: for 5 servings

    1. 2 cups of ice
    2. 2 carrots
    3. 1 peach
    4. 1 pear
    5. 1/4 of a bag of frozen spinach
    6. 1/2 cups of water
    7.  a handful of grapes
    8. 1 cup of orange juice
    2. 2 apples

    First cut the apples, peach, and pears into pieces. After that put the ice and water into the blender or whatever you're using to make this. Then put everything else and then turn the blender on. You should do it for around 1-2 minutes of blending then check it. Then after it is done you can drink and enjoy. It is as easy as that.

    All Done!

    Also I was looking at my page views today and guess what I now have over 2,000 PAGEVIEWS!!! Isn't that cool! True it might not be to good but hey it doesn't really matter but ya I am pretty happy about. The thing that I am more happy about is that I now have 12 followers!

    Ok sorry bye now!

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015

    The furture

    M: Me
    Z: Zoe(my daughter)

    M- You have to clean your room up zoe. It really is a mess.

    Z- But mom I am charging the robot maid so I can't use her.

    M- Well then you will have to do it later I guess.

    Z- You know mom, I would not have this problem if you got me the maid 300 which is the newest one.

    M- But it is so expensive and we don't need it the one you have now is just fine

    Z- Oh my goth! This is so unfair!

    M- You know when I was a kid I didn't have cleaner robots.  I had to clean my room up myself. 

    Z- Wow you really are an old women

    M- What did you just say!

    Z- Umm sorry.

    M- You know when my parents or your grandparents were kids they didn't even have cell phones. 

    Z- *eyes pop out of head and dies*


    I was just thinking of this when my dad was saying how technology has changed so much since he was a kid.  Also could you tell me some feedback on this?

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    Liebster Award

    So I was not actually nominated for this award but Katheryn nominated anyone who wanted to do it.

    The Rules:

    Answer the eleven questions of the tagger
    Share eleven facts about yourself
    Nominate up to eleven other bloggers
    Ask those nominees eleven new questions

    ok these facts might not be to good but I really am horrible at making up new facts

                                                                    Facts about Me

    1. I am actually half-egyption from my moms side
    2. I have a weird obsession with editing pictures on picmonkey but they never end up any good
    3. I don't really have any electronics that can take pictures the only thing I have is my kindle with only takes selfies so I always end up using my dads phone with is a samsung 5
    4. I am obsessed with wearing the color hot pink
    5. I like reading books with people either my age who has something unnatural like super powers or live in a different world 
    6.  I really like asian food and my favorite kind is seafood
    7. I have a weird habit of chewing on things
    8. I live in Texas where it is super hot!
    9. I have technically survived a tornado when I was at my grandparents house in Oklahoma I think 2 christmases ago
    10. For a lot of games I actually like to watch people play them then play them myself
    11. That was ok right?


    1. Favourite band/singer?

    I have a lot of favorite of favorite bands and singer so I can't choose my favorite here is just a list of a few. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, and a lot of other people.

    2. Favourite book/book series?

    Harry Potter and really all of Rick Riordan's books are my favorite but there are just so many good books in the world

    3. Favourite season of the year?

    I can't choose between spring because of the good weather or summer because there is no school

    4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Right now I would go to egypt because I am half-egyptian and have never been there

    5. If you could have any accent, what accent would you want?

    Probably a british accent

    6. Are there any languages you want to learn?

    Spanish or maybe french

    7. How long have you been blogging for?

    since 11/19/13

    8. Favourite GIF? (If you have a favourite ;) )

    I really don't have a favorite

    9. Favourite movie and/or TV show?

    Here is a list of a few

    1. Pretty much all of the Harry Potter movies
    2. Girl Meets World
    3. Liv and Maddie

    10. What is your dream job?

    A professional photographer/blogger or technology person for a company

                                                                                    I nominate:

    O Williams
    shy beauty

                                                            My Questions for them:

    1.  Why did you start blogging?
    2.  If you could have any power what would it be?
    3.  What is your top 3 favorite book/book series?
    4.  What is your favorite season?
    5.  What is your favorite food
    6.  In school what subject are you best in?
    7.  What is your favorite subject?
    8.  If you could wish for a talent not a superpower but a real one that you have always wanted what would it be?
    9.  How long have you been blogging?
    10. What is your dream job?
    11. If you could be the ruler of any country what would it be?

    Hope everyone is having a good first weeks of school!

    Tieology: 101

    You are probably wondering how to tie a tie but let me tell you a secret no one really knows. You see tie go back to the caveman age. It was used as whips that you can wear on your neck. As you probably know they didn't have a language so we will never really know the proper way or better speaking the first way. Nowadays people use them to be professional. They think if you are wearing a tie you will get more respect and they are pretty much right. If you are just starting a job or going to an interview and you live alone and have never tied a tie this definitely not the place to go because I have absolutely no idea how to tie a tie. 


    Tie a tie, tie a tie, tie a tie, that is so fun to say! So did you like it? I thought of it when I as trying to put on my dads tie as you probably guessed did not succeed. 

    Blogger Choice Awards

    So if you hadn't heard Rukiya is holding a Blogger choice awards.

    For ALL the information about it, click this

    To join, click this

    The categories are

    Best Choice Poet                                  
    Best Choice Fashion Blogger               
    Best Choice Overall Blogger (a blogger who you think is good at everything!)
    Best Choice Book Reviewer
    Best Choice Photographer
    Best Choice Story Writer

    Best Choice Original Content (someone who is quirky and has a unique blog)
    Best Choice Newbie Blogger                       
    Nicest Choice Blogger         
    Best Choice Thoughtful Blogger                 
    Coolest Choice Blogger          
    Best Choice Blog Designer                           
    Best DIYer

    Best Choice Personality Blogger
    Best Choice Funniest Blogger
    To find out more about it go to here blog here.


    01 09 10