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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Seasons Photography Challenge

I have been tagged by Isabel to do a seasons photography challenge originally by  Caroline Fiol . Here are the rules. 

-Link back to the creator of this tag

-Link back to the person who tagged YOU

-Post one photo for each season with a short caption

-Tag couple people of your choice

-add the photo to your blog post (the one that says the Seasons Photography Challenge)

Ok so lets get started

Here is a picture of the beach for summer because when I think of summer I think of the beach.


Here is a picture of a muddy leaf because you know fall the leaves falling.


Here is a picture of a long sleeve dress that I took christmas morning of the dress I was going to wear that day.


This is my best picture of a flower that I am pretty sure I took last spring. I put a flower here because when I think of spring I think of flowers blooming.

I Tag

Thanks again for tagging me Isabel!


  1. My! These photos are so gorgeous, Nabila. xx It's my first time visiting this blog, and I must say, I'm in love! The colors and the cat are so perfect. I'm enjoying your posts, too, especially your tags. I hope we can keep in touch as fellow bloggers. ;)
    P.S. Feel free to check me out/follow via GFC if you like what you read!
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Wow thanks!! I would love to keep in touch. *goes to check out your blog*


  2. I adore these photography challenges. Wonderful photos, dear. <3

    xx Nicole Rose // Express Yourself


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