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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cutest Anime Chibis/ interview with The author of Life as a Young Lady

 Today I am going to show you this awesome interview.  I got the opportunity to interview the one and only awesome author of Life as a Young Lady. The writing on her blog is awesome and she always makes me laugh. So you want to find out more about her look down below.

1. What is your name? Olivia or O Williams, I go by both now. 

2. How old are you? 15 years old--my birthday was a month ago and I still sometimes accidentally say "14".

3. What's your inspiration for your blog name? It wasn't anything deep at all; I just wanted a blog name that started with a letter from my name, and since people were always calling me "young lady", I came up with "Life as a Young Lady".

4. What is your favorite book? I love a lot of books; I can't pick one favorite...of course the Bible, the whole of the Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hunger Games series are just a few top favorites.

5. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as an eighth grade school assignment; I first created a cheesy WordPress blog but switched to Blogger for more freedom with design and such.

6.What are your favorite activities? Napping, binge-watching Netflix, occasionally reading, very occasionally writing, eating, shopping, trolling other blogs, and procrastinating on Pinterest.

7.What is one thing most people don't know about you? I...don't know. I guess that I'm sort of self-contradicting; like I'm a total introvert and can sometimes be super anti-social but at the same time I kind of want at least one actual non-fake friend and sometimes go out and have fun with people...but then when I'm out or with so-called "friends", I'm miserable. So I kind of make people around me miserable. It's just a downward spiral.
8.What is your dream job? I would love to write, produce, direct, and have some part in the creation of the score for a completely original--and hopefully financially successful--studio film. That's a really big dream of mine.

9.What would you prefer--camping or staying in a hotel? Staying in a hotel, for sure! I can't stand the outdoors, and I haven't been in a hotel in years and I really miss it.

10. Who is your inspiration? Jesus. But if we're talking humans, I'd say Maya Angelou; she was a really talented, strong, and bold woman, especially during the time in which she was most prominent--she always stood so tall no matter the discrimination against blacks and women.

I am also going to show you these adorable chibi anime pictures that I found.

what have you done
lovely green school girl in an opposite dimensional
heart cheerleader
oh Hi
your funny
THE POPULAR GIRL. P.S that is her villain name
your little sister looking at your parents
it's like ear cupid but off course cuter cause this ones a girl


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