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Monday, January 12, 2015

coffe slingers

 Dear Diary coffee slingers is a coffee place I went to when I was in okc. it makes it's own coffee with I think is really cool. They have different kinds of coffee. I personally dice I don't like coffee but my aunt got some and said it was good and I trust my aunt. Since I don't like coffee and they only had two types of tea caffeinated on non, so I just got a blueberry scone which was really good. The scone was basically bread, sugar, and, blueberry. It was sweet but not that kind of artificial sweet but real sweet. the place is also really good if you want to work on your computer9 they have free Wi-Fi) or study or something like that. In the same building there's a coot little shop that's really modern and has home stuff like furniture, lights and stuff like that.  if my mom lived there she would propyl go there because she loves modern, and she has a privet practice so sometimes she has to do work on her computer. Diary if you could walk and if you lived there I would recommend it to you. I would probly give it a 4 and a quarter. Bye

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