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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Creator Spotlight | Vaishnavi From Water Under The Bridge

Another collaboration post this time a fun creator spotlight with Vaishnavi from Water Under The Bridge. She's a super coolio newbie blogger (although she's been in the blogging universe for about tow years) and I like her blog. That might just be because she mentioned me in one of her posts and said she liked my blog when she emailed me but DETAILS DETAILS. Let's get started with her interview and welcome her to the blog!

What is your name and what does it mean? If you're named after someone who is it and what does that person mean to you?
So my name is Vaishnavi and I was named after Saraswathi, the Hindu god of education and arts! But since it's hard for some people to pronounce they just call me Vaish. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Oh my gosh that's so cool!! What is your blog name and what does it mean? How did you come up with up?
My blog name is Written in Stars. I'm a little.. okay very obsessed with Doctor Who, and the show inspired me to dive deeper and delve farther than any one's ever gone. So Written In Stars just means that my story will live on with the stars in space- The Final Frontier... well not that dramatic but yeah :p

Haha I love that. :) How do you spend an average day?
Besides school since it takes up much of my time, I feel really energized in the morning so I like to either work or read in my garden. And okay, I do have to admit that I feel lazy in afternoons, so I just relax and either watch anime or read some more. In the evening I either blog, journal, or listen to music. Basically like a third of my day is spent reading cause I'm a bookdragon. Really. Sometimes I feel like I can just live off books and spend all of my time doing that. Wait, does that make me a vampire?

I think you're a book vampire. It's official now. What are your favorite hobbies?
Reading is my favorite thing to do when I have down time. Otherwise, I like listening to rock, making collages and practicing my drawing, chatting with my friends, and taking pictures (I'm super into photography).

Fun!! What is your favorite thing about the blogging community?
Wow, where do I begin? Well when I first discovered the blogging/bookish community, I was kind of baffled at how everyone was like family. Everyone was really supportive of each other so that was awesome. Also I feel like while every blogger has their own individual personality, you can all relate with each other :)

AWWW yess same!! We're all a big family and it's great. :) :) How do you come up with blog posts and how do you usually go about writing one?
I totally don't publish my post at the very last minute.  Okay just kidding. Well...
I feel like ideas just come to me whenever I'm doing something I like or have never tried before. For example, I wrote a post on deconstruction- something that I've never done before and it was tons of fun to write. Whenever I have an idea I make note of it, so if I'm stuck I can just check it out. As for writing a post, I just let the words flow. I usually just ramble and free-write about the subject and edit it all later. I add pictures and formatting, and boom! A blog post is born!

What does your blog mean to you and why would you say you blog?
My blog is like an outlet for me to express my thoughts. I blog because I want to tell a story- many blogs I read inspire me, so I hope that maybe I can inspire others. Plus, I want to meet new people!

Meeting people is one of my fave things about blogging. If you could hang out/meet any living person for an hour who would it be?
I was not expecting this to be so hard. There are so many people I could choose. I feel like most of them would be adults, so sticking with people around my age I would probably want to meet Ella Fields. If you don't know, Ella is an awesome filmmaker- she writes, edits, and shoots short films on awareness. Every creation has an impact, you know? She would probably be someone I'd hang out with.
I don't know who that is but wow she sounds so cool! I'll have to check her out! If you had to choose a career now what would it be?
Photography/journalism! I feel like these are two things I love to do. If I could, I'd be a travel photographer, because I'd also want to travel the world one day. 

OH MY GOSH SAME. What do you see happening with your blog in the next year? What do you want to happen?
Hmm, well I see myself continuing to blog for one thing, because I usually stop what I start. I hope that I can be genuine in whatever I make and not be afraid to be myself! I also hope that I can create a small community within my blog and meet amazing new people.

I hope you keep blogging to. :) Anything else you would like to share?
That's pretty much it. Thanks for interviewing me Nabila! Oh wait. I need to know- what are your thoughts on activism and pizza. Yep, a totally random question.

Of course girly! And activism and pizza are probably some of the best things on the planet.

If you want to see more of her feel free too heck out her google+, Pinterest, and of course her blog! I love collabs so if you ever want to do anything feel free to email at or dm me on instagram!  

Thursday, November 15, 2018

8 Gift Ideas That Teens Will Totally Love This Holiday Season For Cheap

My first holiday post of the season! Because the holidays are coming up that means that the rush to get people presents are coming up. Maybe it's christmas or hanukkah or some other random holiday no one knows about. I DON'T KNOW. Anyway chances are you will be buying a present for someone, so like the amazing person I am, I thought I would help you out. Today I'm going to be listing 8 presents that teens will love! None of these are too expensive and I'm going to try and list things a lot of people will love. :) This is a collab with the wonderful Maryam from Infinitely A Day Dreamer. I actually found her through insta and she's so cute! After you're done reading this make sure to go check out her post with a bunch of fun present ideas for the creative people in your life!

*this post contains affiliate links which means if you buy something through one of my links I will gain a small comision with no extra cost to you

Alright let's get started!


Popsockets are freaking great!! I have one on my phone and seriously the amount of times it has probably saved me from a nose injury because the phone was going to fall on my face, is to many to count. It's a cute accessory that you can add to a phone especially if someone has a more plain phone case and it's super cute!

Teens have acne. And also just general skin problems. It's not fun. I know from experience. I also know that I love masks!! I've used a couple face masks and they're both fun to use and also help your skin. A lot of masks really only work for certain skin types though so if you don't know what problem the person who your buying for has, maybe think of getting something more general. 

Rings are super fun, you can get cheap ones, and it's also kind of hard to mess up on them. I feel like if you get pretty much any simple ring (we're not thinking engagement ring here we're thinking more of what I linked) it's gonna be pretty cute. I have been getting more and more into rings and I know a lot of people around me, who has as well. 

Most teens have a phone and if they have a phone they need a phone case! And even if someone already has a phone case that definitely doesn't mean they can't have another one. There are soooooo many cute phone cases on amazon it's kind of crazy. Annnnd having a cute phone case will totally lift your mood! It's a little energy booster everytime you pull out your phone. 

I got a mini backpack for my birthday and I'm obsessed with it! It's super easy to carry everywhere but not too big that it's weird and fits everything I need it to. This is a super practical gift to get someone! Plus it seems like all mini backpacks are cute and definitely a cool way to spice up an outfit. 

I've been getting some more cute mugs lately and ahhhh I love. There are a bunch of fun personalized one so you can totally find one that your friend will think is super funny or cute. 

I recently learned this was a thing but there are a bunch of cool stuff to spike up chargers. There are cute charger protectors that are animals and different colored chargers and just so much. Definitely a cute fun gift for a tech savvy friend. 

No one can ever not want another cute graphic tee. Like seriously. T-shirts are cool gifts because they're not too expensive but it's still kind of big because it's a clothing item one might wear like every other day (hopefully with washing in the middle). You can might graphic at pretty much any clothing store or online! 

I super hoped you liked that! If you want more ideas of what to get your teen friend for the holidays refer to my birthday wishlist where I list like a thousand things I want haha. Comment down below something you super duper want/are hoping to get this holiday season and also something you're planning on getting a friend! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

10 Things I Really Want To Do | Bucket List

Today is a collab with the awesome Lexie from What Lexie Loves! I love her and I'm happy we're collabing today! We're both sharing a fun bucket list of just a bunch of fun things we want to do in our lives. :)
1. Be in a movie/tv show 
I seriously just want to appear in a show or on tv sometime. Maybe I'm in the background or have one line or maybe I'm a lead. No one knows. Or maybe I'm even in a commercial. I just need like one second of fame. That's all I ask.

2. Go in a helicopter
Helicopters are so cool!! I just want to ride in a helicopter once. That would be awesome. 

3. Go to a concert of someone I love, with friends I love

4. Record a song and make a cool music video
I've been wanting to do this for a while!! Maybe I actually try and get together some of the lyrics I've written in the past or do a cover and record it somehow. My dad actually has a professional microphone so it might sound cool. And then make an actually good music video. I've actually done a cover video on my channel before but it was very much terrible so I kind of need to redeem myself haha.  

5. Have a job that makes me happy
I feel like this is a goal for everyone but still.:)

6. Be in a book
Maybe I write a book or I'm in the acknowledgments for a book or maybe someone bases a character off of me. No one knows.

7. Have short hair
I've had long hair pretty much my wholllllllllle life and I just think it would be soooo cool to have short hair one time. :)

8. Dye all my hair purple
Like the short hair thing I want to change something up! I absolutely love the color purple and it would be so cool to actually have all of my hair purple. I probably would have done it already but I have bleach my hair and just ugggg. 

9. Reach 10k on any platform
I know that's a lot but I think over timmmmme I might be able to. Basically I just want to be famous haha. 

10. Get the @nabila on something
Ok so Nabila is a super uncommon name  (well in the US but details details) but it's common enough that it is taken on lets say instagram. Or the The .com is actually for sale (I think that's what it says when I look it up) and I kind of want to buy it but I don't know what to do???

Hope you loved thattttttttt. Make sure to go check out Lexie's blog and comment down below one thing on your bucket list!

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