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Monday, June 11, 2018

2018 Summer Bucket List

I am officially out of school for summer AND AHHHH SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!! This also means I have finished 7th grade and will be going to 8th grade next year. That means thinking about high school and being the biggest peeps on campus and worrying about tests.... BUTTT before that happens I have 3 months off which I am pretty happy about it. I have done summer bucket lists in the past and I personally liked them so why not do another one this year?? This could be a good way to get inspo for your own list or maybe just a way to hold me accountable haha. Let's get started!
1. Go hiking at least once. I have learned that I actually really like hiking mainly from going to Marfa a lot. I don't typically like going outside that much but I have enjoyed hiking when I've been in the past. My thing is that it can't be that hot and it can't be crazy long.
2. Invite friends over frequently. I want to make an effort to hang out with more friends this year. I've made a lot of new friends this past year even if we're not super close but I want to change that. I think I get scared to invite friends over if I've never hung out with them before because I'm scared they will say no. I'm going to try to get over that and invite some new friends.
3.  Eat healthily. For a while, I had a thing going with eating healthy but it has kind of gone downhill in the past month. Especially since I'll have more time over the next few months I really want to try to get back into that habit of just choosing the healthy thing even if it is a bit harder. 
4. Post every/every other Saturday on my youtube channel. This summer I'm going to commit to working on my youtube channel and just growing it. I really like youtube and so far I've had a lot of fun with it. I don't think it will ever be my main channel (#bloggerforlife) though so don't get scared or anything. If you would like I just recently uploaded two videos, a room tour and a fun best friend tag, and it would make me super happy if you could check out both!
5. Post either every day/every other day on Instagram. Fun fact I recently hit 1k on my insta and it made me super happy! When I first got an account I posted literally every day. Yes, the posts weren't the absolute best but they were still ok. With summer I want to try to post every day again but this time hopefully with some better posts.
6. Make the most out of/have fun at the camps I'm going too. This summer I'm going to two camps. Number one an Algebra camp I have to go to so that I can take Algebra next year. Probably boring but I'm trying to be not so sour about it. Second an engineering campo at where my dad teaches. I'm pretty excited about that one. My dad said they do stuff like program robots and do cool experiments which I think will be super cool. Kind of annoyingly I will be one of the youngest people there so I'm not sure how that will go???
7. Commit to Girl Boss Teen Tribe. I've mentioned it on here but I'm part of an awesome group of girls where we share tips on our blog,  do features on Instagram,  and we're starting an email list! Over this past year, I haven't been doing much to help honestly but I really want to work on it this summer.
8. Decide what I'm going to do with this blog. I have been saying for a while that this summer I would change to WordPress but now I'm not sure?? Is it worth it?? How exactly would I do that?? Even if I don't move to WordPress I do want to change up my design a bit. Plus I really want to get my own domain and possibly change the name. I don't at all have a plan so I need to make one and then execute it. If I do end up changing to Wordpress I'll probably need help doing that so if anyone wants to help please contact me haha. 
9. Do at least 5 collabs. I love collabs because I get to interact with others and get content in front of a new audience so I really really want to do. Plus I want to do some that aren't just on my blog like maybe on Youtube or Instagram. If you do want to collab again please contact me!
10. Say yes and be present. Just be open to new things and experiences and surroundings. Get in some maybe uncomfortable situations. I never do that. Like ever. If there is even a chance I could be wrong or something could go wrong I won't do it. I want to try to change that. If I never take risks I won't ever get anywhere. I realize that but I don't ever really act on it. I'm going to try and change that this summer.

What's something fun you're doing this summer? What's on your bucket list? What kind of posts do you want to see from me this summer? Do you want to collab (contact me!!)? 

Monday, June 4, 2018

A-Z Favorites | Collab

Helloooooo friends! This is a collab with Katie from Nerd Online. I haven't done a collab for so long but I have some planned so get excited! Today we're sharing our A-Z favorites. Basically, I say one of my favorite things starting with the letter going in order of the alphabet. It's a bit confusing to explain but you will get it once I get started. :)


Doing fun new things

Galaxy backgrounds

Ice cream

Kindness just out of the blue
Lakehouses and swimming in the lake

Making new friends
Necklaces with pretty stones

Overcoming obstacles giving you opportunities
Plants in bedrooms even though I don't have any in mine because I would kill them haha

Quietly questioning things about our world
Rose petals floating in the water
Swimming every day any day

Thanking someone and then them smiling
Ukuleles which is something I actually really want to learn how to play
Vines growing on the side of buildings

X-mas tree
Yellow things because they just seem so light and about summery happiness

Zebra prints

That was just a super fun short post which I hope you enjoyed! I actually got out of school for the summer on Monday so expect me to be for active on all of the things. I'm planning on doing a cool my goals/bucket list for summer post next week so stay tuned for that. Also once again this is a collab with Kate so make sure to go check out her blog!

What are some of your favorite things that make you smile?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Brands I've Been Loving Lately Including Ten Million Discount Codes Because I'm Just That Nice

If you want to share that that would be cool. Or not. Whatever. 

I'm just the queen of long titles. We all know this. Also random side note I'm currently watching Moana with my little sis so if I randomly belt out into I AM MOANA, that's why. I haven't done a post like this in forever. Actually, I don't think I ever have. I don't talk about actual items a lot?? Today I thought it would be super fun to list some things I have been obsessed with and also include some codes for y'all because I am amazing and nice and I give back to my amazing peoples (I've also been watching too much Jessie Peage and I might have a problem). I've been in this mood for a while now I think this is the new meeeeee. I love all of these companies and I make sure that if I mention anything online I do genuinely love them. I have been so so so lucky that I get to work them. :) Anddddddd I'm also making this a page which I will be updating regularly so check there if you're looking for the things.

*For some of these I would get compensated if you were to use the code/go through my link so it would be cool if you do but don't feel pressured or anything :) :)

If you know me in real life or on Instagram you will know I am all about bracelets. On a normal day, I could be found wearing 13 bracelets. That's just what I do. So, of course, I had to include these! Their bracelets are super cute plus they have other fun stuff if you like that tooooo. 

Sand Clouds mission is the coolest thing! They are all about #savingthefishies and do so much stuff to help sea animals. I follow them on Instagram and they're always posting on their story with stuff about animals and actually, I've learned quite a bit. They have clothes and towels and water bottles and just all of the cuteness. You can use my code "Nabila25" to get 25% off!

You knew this was coming. I love love love jewelry so a jewelry company is inevitable. Their stuff is so cute oh my gosh! I'm kind of obsessed. My two favorite items from them are this super cute necklace and another one that is like a stone. No joke I am wearing a necklace exactly like the second one right now that I absolutely love. Use my code "hottowncoolgirl10" to get 10% off! 

You might have noticed that the link in my Instagram bio isn't your typical Linktree or something like that but instead LYNX! They were super kind to give me a free year of premium but there is also a free version! Basically, it allows you to not only have one link in your bio but instead 2 or 3 or 4 or 7. It's pretty cool. 

With summer coming up people including me are in need of bathing suits and things like hats and skirts. Sunny Co has all of these things. I love their stuff! They're just so cute! Plus you can use my code "Sunny20" for 20% off!

Photage sent me one of there prints a couple months ago and I love it! You can get your photos made into these super cool photo print stickers they will send you. Then you can do a bunch of stuff like them including a bunch of fun decor DIYs! You can the code "nabila" for $5 off! 

Threading water is a clothing company all about providing clean water! They are totally sustainable and care a lot about their workers which I am totally for. I really want one of there tees! You can go here to get a code for 25% off.

I've been loving Wotzel's clothes! They are for reals so cute haha. I really want there "Just Do Nothing" hoodie! 

Halifornia gives me so much California beach watery vibes I can't even. I love their logos and I would love one of there pullovers or t-shirts. I mean who doesn't want more t-shirts truly?? Use my code "NABILAN9820" for 20% off!

Get ready for some skin care brands coming up! Or actually just two. But it's cool. Number one Muddy Body! They have masks and cleansers and a bunch of other stuff all about keeping your face clean and beautiful. You can use my code "Nabila10" to get 10% off! I have been getting really into skincare recently and I would love one of there masks. 

Another skin care brand but this one is all about acne! Seriously I'm not exaggerating I find this brand and concept just the coolest. You take a selfie and the app analyzes it. Then they send you products that will work for you and your skin type. It's all customized. You can use my code "heart-151" for 30% off!

Yes yes, I know anotherrrrr bracelet/jewelry brand. But I love bracelets ok. I stated that earlier. Don't judge my amazingness. They have a bunch of bracelets I want! They look homemade but in a good way. If that makes sense??? Pura Vida also has these super pretty wave rings that I absolutely love! You can use my code "NABILAWILSON20" for 20% off!

This has to be by far my favorite one on the list!!! It's a small Etsy shop and they kindly sent me these two super cute pairs of earrings. When I first wore the rainbow oh my gosh y'all. I felt so cute. I somehow felt cuter than I normally do???? That's hard to do???? Probably because I think really highly of myself but whatever. Plus I got so many compliments. Like more than on a normal day. Which is again hard to do. I'm a very liked human being. *nods* Then the next day I wore the stud earrings which are also so cute. People first asked me what they are (I have no idea) and second if I actually made my earrings (also nope but I might have just shrugged. I like to be thought of as cool ok do not judge me.) Anyway moral of the story all (or at least the ones that I got) of her earrings are so crazy cute and also super creative! No chance of clashing with your friends. Andddddddd I also have a code. I know you are so surprised. Use the code "FILIGRATTI10" for 10$ off a purchase of two earrings or more and free shipping to the US. Pretty coolio in my opinion. It will only work for the first 5 people though so you better hurry! 

I get out of school IN LIKE 3 DAYS for summer vacay and I'm honestly so freaking excited about it. 

What's a brand you've been loving lately? What's something you bought recently? Do you do/like online or offline shopping more? Would anyone be willing to buy me anything listed above??? Because honestly, that would be super cool. 

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