Friday, February 17, 2017

What is Feminism? + A 12 year old's thoughts on some other hard topics + I try to be a fairy and fail

Hello everyone! Today I have decided to post about a semi kind of controversial subject so don't kill me. This is very important to me though so I decided to share my thoughts with you all today (if you want to watch the video where I basiclly prove that this is important to me you can go to this post). I hope you enjoy. :) 

By definition Feminism is "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes"  aka equality. That is all feminism means. It is the belief that one gender should not hold power over the other. Unlike what some other people think. Feminism has nothing to do with saying that girls are somehow better than guys. 

To me this is how I think about it. The first part of the word is fe or fem which equals female or lady or girl. The second part of this word is min which I like to think equals men or guy. And the last part of the word is ism which by definition equals "a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement." I like to think put together this means the movement or practice that shows that both guys and girls are equal on all levels of the social spectrum. 

So many people get this word confused with man-hating or man-shaming or being biased against men. This is untrue.

Some people actually do get what it means but they put the word aside. This isn't my fight or why is this even a thing anymore.  And I mean hey I get there level of thinking. In america and so many developed countries where most of my readers proably live there isn't that big of a problem. True england has a lady prime minister (I feel like england seriously progressed faster than we did. They went from a monarchy to a girl president. The United States went from a democracy to a cheeto. Just saying), and true women have basicly the same opportunities as men and true we get to go to school and learn the same things as guys. All very mostly true.  

Still in our community though women are looked down upon. One example of this is on our jobs. For every I think 1 dollar that a guy makes and girl makes about 75 cents. That is 3/4 the salary of a guy. 3/4! Does not make sense.

This reminds me of an article recently that I read regarding sports. If you are into soccer you might know about the U.S women's soccer team. I was looking up there wins and statistics and they are actualy kind of amazing.  They have won 3 women's world cups and are basically one of the most successful women's soccer team like ever.  Aka they are awesome. Now let's look at the men's U.S soccer team. I am not really sure what exactly they have won. Wikipedia is being freaking confusing.  Anyway they have won much less awards and tournaments and whatnot. But now let's look at the salaries of the 2 teams. This paragraph from this article basically says it.

"The Forbes Celebrity list has a number of male soccer players, but no women. The U.S. men’s team has a player who earns $6 million from his club (Michael Bradley of Toronto FC). The maximum salary for the women in the National Women’s Soccer League is $126,000 (but the details are complicated)."

Pretty much women are still payed less. And don't even get me started on how people actually treat women. I am just saying when a person of high office gets away with calling women horrible names on tape (like they have proof) and talking about them in a disgusting manner the world is still not equal. 

Not everyone has to be a feminist or anything though. That's fine. After reading this though I want all of you guys to find a topic that you are very passionate about in our society. Maybe transgender rights, lgbt rights, education, etc. Something that you have strong feelings about and do something about it. Make a call, sign a petition, join a group, or just talk with someone. 

But while you are doing this remember people do have feelings. Something that everyone deals with and is proably not very good at is respecting other people's opinions. Some people might disagree with something you say. When they do that don't get mad because that just makes your cause look kind of bad. Instead say that you respect their opinions. Everyone has a different vantage point and were raised differently. 

I love all of my readers and people who comment on my blog so much and I hope you guys remember that. Every single thought that you had while reading this I want you to please please comment down below. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love // Because Nabila Decided She Wanted to be a Poet and Failed

I interrupt the regular broadcasting scedule for a special post on an interesting topic because Nabila has decided that she is is poet for the next 10 minutes. 

Love is something interesting. 
A magical mystery that science can't really contain or explain. 

True love.
Something in movies where princesses in flowy pink dresses and princes dressed in their finest armor fall for each other at first glance.  

Love is something rare.
Between 2 human beings. 

Love grows with time.
Develops as you get to know each other. 

And the heart is the center of it all.
Beating in your chest when you see someone new. 

Someone in love might seem like a ghost
a spirit.

Love is not a choice but instead a thing in your mind and your heart.
Blurring your vision from the rest of the world. 

Fall in love with someone new this valentine. 
Or celebrate the ones already in your life. 
Look at them for who they are good and bad qualities.