Monday, May 20, 2019

10 Super Cute Spring Photo Shoot Ideas You Need To Try

I'm pretty sure in all places now it officially feels like spring! Where I live we usually skip spring and go straight onto summer after winter, but the weather gods are being nice this year. That's why I thought it would be a perfect time to show y'all some cute spring photo shoot ideas! I've been wanting to get more creative with my photos on my Instagram so I was researching this myself the other day. I found some of the cutest ideas that I just had to share. If you want some cute and easy photo ideas you can try right now you're in the right place. :)

*almost of these photos are from pinterest and I don't own them. If you are the owner and want me to take them down/give credit please email me at

Ok now let's get started!

1. Holding Flowers

Flowers are the best prop! They make any lame photo instantly cuter. Plus if you're holding something it's so much easy to take a pic. It's less awkward especially if you aren't that experienced in being a model because you actually have somewhere to put your hands. 

2. Flowers in Hair

Mentioning flowers again just because they pretty much represent spring! Putting flowers in your hair is super easy and it easily gives you that extra little almost editorial touch. Plus it's really fun! 


Bubbles are so fun to play with and take the cutest pics. Plus there are two ways to do it! Number one you (or whoever is the subject) could actually be blowing the bubbles. Have fun with it and smile! Number two you could just have the bubbles in front of you. This gives the photo a cute magical playful vibe.

Empty Field 

Shout out to my girl Olivia for letting me use her pic. :)

Even if you live in a big city (like me) I'm sure you can find an empty field (an empty lot works too!!). They're really fun to take photos in because there is so much room. You can do whatever you want. Plus depending on where you are you could make it look like you're in an abandoned place or in the middle of nowhere. 


Diner pics are perfect for the spring/summer time! If there is a cute restaurant/cafe near you, then usssse it! There are so many cute photo opportunities.  

Bright Colors 


I'm almost certain every city has some kind of bright mural wall! Look it up online! Bright colors make the absolute best pictures (and totally feel like spring). Maybe bring some props and have fun. :)


I took some super cute pictures with leaves and an umbrella during the fall so I'm for spring you can substitute it with petals and it would be just as cute!! What was did was we filled up the umbrella with the leaves and put it over our heads and snapped a dozen pics as they fell. 

Tennis Court 

I have been wanting to take pics at a tennis court for the longest time! I have seen so many shoots with that location and they all look adorable. I would recommend before going to shoot looking up "tennis court photo shoot" so that you have pose ideas and know what kind of photos you want to capture. 


If trees are in bloom around you, then take ADVANTAGE! You can climb it, you can stand in front of it, you can put your head in the branches. Flowers make an absolutely gorgeous background.

Flower Crown 

The flower crown phase may kind of be over but I don't think flower crowns are ever going away. I absolutely love them and I think if you capture them in a certain way it can make you look like some kind of spring flower princess which is of course what we all aspire to be. :)

Should I do more photo idea posts? What is your favorite season? What season is it where you are?

Monday, May 13, 2019

life update including why i've been gone and end of middle school stuffs

Well hello there. My name is Nabila and I am a blogger. Or at least I've been calling myself one for.... the past five years I think? You probably didn't notice but I missed a post last week. This is probably normal for most people but for me, it's just not. I've been posting consistently for about two years now. That's pretty cool. For a while I was posting on both Mondays and Thursdays but with school it was downgraded to just Monday.

Lately though I haven't had much motivation. I think this has been a thing for a while but I just ignored it. I was like oh, I guess I'm just tired today or I just haven't had that much time. But I missed a post last week and.... I wasn't sad about it? And I mean... I had time to write one. But I was majorly procrastinating. It has been kind of nice though. I've been hanging with my family more. But yeah basically I've been in a total blog slump and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I thought I would hop on though and give y'all a little life update.

1. It's been raining a lot

Pretty much this whole week there has been a flood watch. Friday (Yesterday as I'm writing this) we got off of school because it was flooding and raining really hard. I've had experience with flooding but it's always stressful. This time thankfully my neighborhood hasn't been hit and no one I know has actually gotten there stuff flooded. Mostly just some street flooding.

2. STAAR Testing

STAAR is the big test that we take every year. The subjects that we have to take vary by year. In 8th grade we have to take math (or for me algebra), reading, science, and US history. The reading one was easy and I took that one like a month ago. Algebra though was seriously stressing me out. I'm not the best at algebra and since it's a high school credit you have to pass the test to get the credit. I actually studied which is not something I can say about most tests. I have science and history next week. I'm actually so annoyed about next week. Basically the whole week we are going to be in testing sites. Monday and Tuesday, 6th and 7th graders are testing so we have to be in the same class the whole day. My teacher said we'll have study material we can look at. On Wednesday and Thursday are the actual science and history tests. History is supposed to be hard cause there is just so much material. I have been studying some for that so I would say I'm pretty prepared.

3. It's the end of the year and everyone's done

I'm in 8th grade now so I'm going to high school next year. There is only like 3 more weeks left of school until break and pretty much everyone in my grade is done with learning. We all know where we are going to high school. We still have to take all of our finals though so it's a bit of a struggle

4. End of year activities 

There are some fun end of year activities for 8th graders though!! Next week is the 8th grade dance which I'm very excited for!! It's a formal so everyone is dressing up and it's just 8th graders. All of the other dances are mixed grade levels. The other grades can be, well... annoying sometimes haha. Splashdown, graduation, the improv show, broadcast video showcase, and my belt ceremony are also all coming up!!

5. Instagram deleted all of my drafts

I have a bunch of photos and posts saved on Instagram so I think three days ago when I was about to go post they just weren't there. I just kind of freaked out. It takes me a lot of time to write posts and that's also how I knew what photos I had already used. At this point I just haven't really posted. It's not like I was growing anyway. My follower count has literally been decreasing??? So yeah that's definitely not helping my spirits. I'm thinking about totally changing my feed and not using long captions or hashtags anymore. I know that's how you are supposed to grow but my thought process is, what's the point in putting in all of that effort if it's not working?  Which I know is terrible but just ahhh. ALSO since I have to go through my photos again I'm thinking about starting another theme. Maybe more warm tones? I've been doing cool blue vibes for a while and I think it's time for a change.

6. Video content

I've been getting more and more into making videos whether it be on IGTV or youtube. I've been becoming more comfortable with it and also just getting more ideas. I think over the summer I'm going to work a lot on editing. As of this point I'm not sure but I think I'm going to make YouTube my main channel. I'll still write blog posts because I think some stuff is better written, but a whole lot less often. That's currently what I'm thinking but I'm not sure. I just think YouTube has made me happier and it's a more accessible and popular platform especially for people my age.

7. High school

I've been going to a bunch of events lately for my high school. I'm doing theater there so I had to audition (I got in!!!), we had to go to pick classes, and next week we're going for a little orientation because I'm planning on taking health during the summer. Because of this I've also been around a bunch of high schoolers and it's low key making me freak out. They are so much cooler than me???? And have cooler clothes than me?? And there was this couple like making out in the hallway one time and I was just like ahhhhh. I do have a lot of friends going there though I think is going to help so so much. :)

This post has taken me like all day to write because I guess I'm just crazy?? I don't know?? Anyway though yeah. I don't really have my life together right now. But that's A ok. I'm going to figure it out, but first I'm going to enjoy my last weeks of middle school (and possibly vlog it because why the heck not, memories right?). 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Hiking With Ten Children In Brazos Bend State Park | Photo Diary

Over spring break I went hiking with my family and some other peoples! It was a lot of fun and I took a bunch of pictures so I thought I would share a fun little picture diary. :)

I also did a vlog of break which I would love for y'all to check out. :)

We woke up pretty early and I got changed into my hiking clothessss. :) It was kind of chilly so I put on some leggings, a long t-shirt, my purple sweater, and of course a hat. 

About 2 hours later we were there. :) Right when we arrived, the children saw this tree and just ran to it. Then of course the parents had to take pictures. Dealing with big groups of people is an ordeal you guys. 

My friend Lydia

This is the daughter of one of my moms friends and she is pretty much one of the cutest humans ever. She has the voice of a doll or something.

Before we got started, we went out onto this little pier and looked around trying to spot some alligators. 

And then we started actually walking along the trail.

Yay it's meeee

These cute sisters were to adorable not to take a pic of. :)

On our path was this tall little watchtower you could climb up so, of course, we did! The view was really cool. The land was almost kind of like a swamp but it was gorgeous.

Nature reflection pics will always be my fave haha. 

We saw an alligator on the side of the path! It was just sitting there. I think it was asleep but I'm not sure. 

The wild flowers were absolutely gorgeous. The natural colors and just beauty of this world sometimes amazes me. 

We had our mandatory photo shoot with the flowers.

Eden found a caterpillar on one of the flowers.

Then we found this monster cave so duh more pictures haha. I pictured that giant spider thing from Harry Potter living in there. 

After four miles and two or so hours of walking, we were donnne. It was slow but fun. Afterwards I literally came home and passed out on the couch. I never sleep during the day so that actually means something haha.  

Have you ever been to a state park? Have you ever been hiking? Do you enjoy being in nature?

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